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How to Document Time Spent With Your Family

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You share memories with your family every single day, especially when you have young children. You look back fondly on funny moments, emotional moments, and downright crazy moments, and wish that you’d documented them, so that you could relive those feelings all over again. In fact, there is nothing more important than this; taking snapshots of your life and storing them will allow your kids to build up an image of their own histories, too.

But how do you do it?

Take digital photographs

Of course, one of the most common ways that people document their memories is through digital photographs. Whether this is on your phone, or on a camera, it means that you have all of your photos there on a device or memory card, and you can upload them to any computer to view them. Try to capture your family in their most natural moments, and take pictures of them when they’re all together if you can. This will help your kids to look back at the past in its authenticity.

Back them up

It seems like a no-brainer, but if you’re using a digital medium to take snapshots of your family life, then it’s super important to back these things up. iCloud is one option here – and you can read all about how to utilise it on – but there are plenty of other ways to back up your photographs and videos depending upon what medium you’d prefer. Losing digital photos could be a catastrophe, and it’s something that we all worry about!

Take film photographs

One problem that we have in the modern world is that we’re always taking hundreds of photographs, and then deleting a lot of them until we find the perfect one. Whilst this does have its obvious benefits, it also takes the spontaneity away from your memories, and means that they can have a more staged feeling. Take film and polaroid photographs, and you’ll have that vintage feel whilst also only having one shot at getting it right. Embrace your memories, including all of their little flaws!

Keep a memory box

Whilst taking photographs is, of course, important, there are other memories that you share with your family. Perhaps you have tickets from events or your travels, or you have flowers that you’ve pressed from a walk together. Keep them in a memory box, so that you can look through it every so often as a family. Encourage your kids to write notes about their experiences and feelings for the box, as they are valuable insights and they will love to look back on these things over the years.

So, the memories that you make with your family will last for a while in your mind and heart, but they can last (almost) forever if you document them well. Whether you’re taking digital snaps or going for some old school film and a memory box, make sure that you give your kids something to look through with fondness when they’re older!

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