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Geomag Panels & Geomag Mechanics Review plus Giveaway!

Both of my children have a bit of a love for building things. Whether it’s knocking together something with lego or making something magnificent in Mincecraft, they are always building something. So when some Geomag sets arrived in the post, the kids were super excited. We were sent two sets: The 192pc Geomag Panel set from the classic range, and the 86pc Geomag Mechanics set. I hadn’t heard of Geomag before, but Neil knew what it was as he’d used it in school. He couldn’t wait to get stuck in and show his sister what he could build. Geomag Panel Set We got […]

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Improve You Phone Photography with Three

I’ve loved taking photos for as long as I can remember. I used to spend my Saturday afternoons in the town waiting for my photos to get developed, and receiving my first digital camera for Christmas was a pretty exciting time for me. Back then, phones didn’t have cameras on them. I can still remember the first time one of my friends bought their first ‘camera phone’. We all stood around in wonder with this little Nokia being passed around. It had a vga camera on the back, not even 1mp, and took pictures so pixelated you could barely make […]

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