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babyblooms promise and wish card review

Babyblooms Promise and Wish Cards Review

Everyone knows what to buy when it comes to the new bundle of joy. Teddy bears, sleepy suits, cute little outfits, there really is so much to choose from. But when it comes to mama, it’s not always such an easy choice. Pregnancy really is a magical thing, but it can also be pretty tough. Sometimes the new mama to be just needs something to help her feel special. When I was pregnant with my two children, I don’t remember receiving any gifts just for me. But now, with baby showers becoming more of a thing in the UK, it’s […]

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My First Birth Story

Ah, my first labour. It was almost seven and a half years ago now, and yet I can still remember it like it was yesterday. Every little detail, which is funny because I’ve got a memory like a sieve. I can hardly remember what I had for lunch yesterday, yet I can recount the tale of my two labours almost minute by minute. I hold on to those memories. I want to keep them forever, because those two days, along with my wedding day, are the most significant in my life. I wasn’t a blogger when I had my babies, […]

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