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Snap It! A Children’s Photography Linky

As a blogger, I’m always taking photos. Photos of the kids, what I’m wearing, my food… ok pretty much everything. I’ve always got my camera close by to snap the precious moments. Since getting my DSLR two years ago, photography has become a real hobby for me, and I love tinkering around with it to try and get the perfect shot. Naturally, my children see me taking photos and want to give it a try. Their iPads are filled with photos. I love looking through their photo stream, to see what they’ve been snapping. The photos tell a story about […]

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Wreck It Ralph & The Tree Stump

On a recent day out we found a tree stump, that had been hollowed out for some reason. To me it was just hollowed out tree stump, nothing special. For Neil though, it was special. It was more than just an old stump, it was the gateway to a world of adventure. Neil was fascinated with it. He climbed in to investigate, before declaring that this was in fact Wreck It Ralph’s tree stump, and that he was Wreck It Ralph. He’s watched the movie about 100 times, when it first came out he went through a phase of wanting […]

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