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Snap It! Children’s Photography Linky #2

Hello everyone, welcome to my new children’s photography linky Snap It! I hope you’ve all had a great week. I can’t believe Thursday has come around so fast! Today is a special Thursday for us, as it’s the kids last day at school. We’re really looking forward to the summer holidays, I think we all need a break from the school run! I’m hoping we can go out with the cameras a lot more during the summer so we can get lots of photos for this linky. Let’s hope we get the weather for it! Thank you to Happy Go […]

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Snap It! Children’s Photography Linky #1

Welcome to my new photography linky, Snap It! The place where you can share all of the photos taken by your children. Most children love taking photos. Give a toddler a phone and I’m sure they’ll find the camera. Before you know it your photo stream will be filled with dodgy selfies and pictures of tiny feet. That’s usually how it starts, and if you encourage it, it can become so much more. My children both love taking photos. Their iPads are ready to burst with the amount of pictures they have saved. Looking through their gallery tells a real […]

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Snap It! A Children’s Photography Linky

As a blogger, I’m always taking photos. Photos of the kids, what I’m wearing, my food… ok pretty much everything. I’ve always got my camera close by to snap the precious moments. Since getting my DSLR two years ago, photography has become a real hobby for me, and I love tinkering around with it to try and get the perfect shot. Naturally, my children see me taking photos and want to give it a try. Their iPads are filled with photos. I love looking through their photo stream, to see what they’ve been snapping. The photos tell a story about […]

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