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Coping with Anxiety in the Car – Guest Post

Hello everyone, welcome back to The Anxiety Diaries guest post series. I’ve had a great response to the previous two guest posts, which you can read here if you haven’t already. This week I’m featuring the lovely Katy from Katy is a full time work from home mum. She writes about how to make and save money online, alongside snippets of her family life. Today she’s sharing some tips on coping with anxiety in the car. I’m known for being organised, motivated and driven. I am somebody that never lets much stand in my way. However, I have a […]

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2017 blogging goals

My 2017 Blogging Goals

Last year I made the decision to make more of my blog. The blog started as a hobby, and still remains a hobby, but it’s so much more than that now. I decided 2017 would be the year I start to take things seriously here at BloggerMummyLauren. I’ve seen many people posting their blogging goals for the year, and thought it would be a good idea. Writing down my goals holds me accountable, and gives me something to refer back to when I’m losing focus. I know I’m late to the New Year goals party, it is the middle of […]

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Beating the January Blues

  As much as we would like to ignore it, the holidays are over. The decorations and trees are packed away for another year, and the long winter nights seem gloomy without the spark of twinkle lights and general festivity in the streets. With cold temperatures and the lack of sunlight to keep us awake, it is vital to come up with indoor activities to keep us thriving during the dark winter nights, which entice us to hibernate. I’ve taken the guesswork out of indoor winter activities to keep you and your family thriving throughout January – read on if […]

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The Anxiety Diaries – Mummy Wales

Hello everyone, welcome back to The Anxiety Diaries guest post series. Today I would like to welcome Nicola from Mummy Wales to the blog. Nicola is a Welsh mummy of two living in the South East of England, blogging about her family life. Today she is sharing her story about her anxiety in social situations, something which I struggle with too. I’m not shy. Nevertheless, throw me into a crowded room alone, or ask me to give a speech in front of a hundred people and, guaranteed, my cheeks will turn red quicker than you can ask ‘what’s wrong with your […]

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Family Life

Caitlin, Today You Are Seven

Caitlin, my sweet little girl, today you are seven. And just like last year, and all of the other birthdays you’ve had, I’m wondering how time could have moved so fast. I say this every birthday, but how can it be that seven years have passed since I first laid my eyes on you? Today for you’r birthday we kept things low key. I’m too anxious to be holding big parties at the moment, although you don’t quite understand that yet. Just because we kept things low key, it doesn’t mean we haven’t had fun. You took a cake in to […]

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