Crying Over Gilmore Girls #LittleLoves

Wow, this is my first post in June. I can’t believe I’m saying that, can you bloody believe it’s June? Cray! We’ve had a good week this week, with lots of things going on. It hasn’t been half term for us, as the schools here break up for summer in four weeks. I’ve been watching social media with some mild envy as everyone seems to be away somewhere nice. Anyway, enough of my jealousy, on to what we’ve been loving this week. Read This week I finally finished reading The Help. I started reading it in March, so it’s taken me a […]

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anxiety diaries
Anxiety & Mental Health

When the Words Won’t Come

Last week was mental health awareness week, and I had big plans to do a series of posts on mental health issues. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out the way I’d planned, and I didn’t write about the event at all. I tried. I tried so hard, but unfortunately the words wouldn’t come. Helping to spread awareness, and reduce the stigma of mental health problems is important to me. I wanted to do my bit, tell my story. I sat down at the laptop many times, with my fingers resting on the keyboard and my eyes focussed on the blank screen […]

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Top 2017 Beauty Trends

I’ve always enjoyed experimenting with makeup. As a teenager I loved bright colours, and was much more adventurous than I am now. As I got older and became a mum, my make up choices toned down a bit. My go-to look became an eyeliner flick and pink blush. This year however, I’ve started wearing bolder colours on my lip, black and vampy reds have been my favourite. I’m having a lot of fun trying out new makeup looks again, something which I haven’t done for years. As with fashion, different makeup trends come and go. Ellisons have released an E-book […]

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Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

A good night’s sleep is something I crave, all of the time. I love my bed. I love snuggling up under my duvet, and could happily spend the whole day in bed if given the chance. Of course, I’ll never be given that chance now that I’m a parent of two. My children are lovely little creatures but they definitely could do with sleeping a bit more. As most parents will know, time spent sleeping is precious. From the moment mama finds out she’s pregnant, sleep (or lack of it) becomes a big deal. From the uncomfortable nights with a huge bump, […]

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Reviews, Toys

Chocolate Lolly Maker Review

I’m always looking for new ways to keep the kids entertained, particularly during the school holidays. While my son would rather spend time on his iPad, my daughter is always looking for something to do. She loves making things: arts, crafts, baked goods, she’s not fussed. So long as she can get stuck in, she’s happy. We were recently sent the Chocolate Lolly Maker from John Adams, and it looked liked something she’d love. As the name suggests, the Chocolate Lolly Maker is a kit for making your own chocolate lollies. Inside the box you receive: Chocolate melter & utensils […]

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