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Volunteering – My experience as a Girlguiding Volunteer

Ok so I’m a bit late to the party, but this week on the 5th of December it was International Volunteer Day. I am a volunteer, helping out as a leader at the local Rainbows group, and I love it. So, late as I may be, I felt compelled to write something about my experience as a Girlguiding volunteer. I became a volunteer by accident really. Seeing my daughter Caitlin struggle to make friends, I decided to enquire about groups in the area that she could attend. Having been a Brownie myself as a child, I was pleased to find that there […]

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Driving Home for Christmas – Be Road Trip Ready

The festive season is well and truly upon us! My tree went up last weekend, the Christmas adverts have started and the shops are filled with festive tat. It might only be November, but by now most of us have started thinking ahead to our Christmas plans. Shopping lists will be written, presents stuffed in cupboards ready to be wrapped, turkeys ordered ready for the big feast. You may also be making plans to travel this festive season, but are you prepared for the big Christmas road trip? Many people travel long distances at Christmas. With family members often dotted […]

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Too Early For A Christmas Tree? No!

I’m one of those people. You know, one of those people who put up their Christmas tree really early. And you know what, I feel absolutely no shame about it. No sooner is Halloween over and I’m thinking festive thoughts. One year, the tree went up straight after the spooky decorations came down on November 1st.   It’s become a bit of a talking point recently though. This year more than ever, I’m seeing a lot of Ebenezer Scrooge’s on Facebook complaining about Christmas getting earlier and earlier every year. This has got me thinking, is November too early to put up your […]

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Family Pet – Which One is Best For You?

Do your little ones long to hear the the pitter patter of paws in your hallway? Is your other half badgering you to buy a beagle? Perhaps your teen talks of nothing but owning a pony? Whether you’re under pressure from the rest of the clan to make a new non-human addition to the family or you’re the one pushing to introduce a new member, choosing a pet that’s a fit for your family a big decision. From cost to time commitment, there’s a lot to consider when it comes to narrowing the field and finding the perfect pet for […]

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Our Autumn Family Bucket List

Autumn is my absolute favourite season, without a doubt. Whenever I was younger, I preferred summer for obvious reasons. Six weeks off school won over anything else, and I was a bit of a sun junkie too. I do still enjoy summer, because it’s great to spend lots of time with the kids, but it just doesn’t have the appeal it used to. I’d happily move the big school holidays to the autumn if I could. Imagine, nine weeks of crisp autumn walks, evenings spent in front of the fire, hot chocolates. Sounds like bliss to me. Anyway, because autumn […]

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