Homework Helper: Making Yourself Into A Resource For Your Kids

*collaborative post* Everyone parent knows how important a child’s homework can be. The time they spend working at home can have a huge impact on their understanding of the subjects they are studying, with kids and young people of all ages benefiting from this type of learning. Of course, though, it isn’t easy to handle this sort of thing when you’re young, as it will always feel like there is something better to be doing when they get home. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring some of the work which can be done to support […]

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Finding Your Self Confidence

Feeling happy about the way that we look is really important in our lives. When you look in the mirror, you want to be able to look back at yourself with confidence and see yourself for the beautiful person that you are. For many people, however, this can be very difficult. So many people suffer from issues surrounding the way that they look. Thinking that you are in any way unattractive, or odd-looking, can cause you to lose a great deal of your self-esteem and confidence. It can make you almost reclusive and shy, and it will have a knock-on […]

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Top Tips For Keeping Your Blog Safe

**collaborative post** If you’re a blogger then you will know and understand that your blog is one of the most important things in your life and could be your bread and butter for earning an income as well as sharing your thoughts, opinions, and tips on your passions. Unfortunately, there are people out there that don’t feel the same and don’t care about destroying the hard work that someone can put into a project. Know as hackers, nearly everyone has heard of them and some have unfortunately experienced the destruction they can leave behind. They often see a blog as […]

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Anxiety & Mental Health

Everyday Tips to Boost Your Mental Health

**collaborative post** How many of us have exercised today or eaten something healthy? How about drinking plenty of water? We all do things each day that are just small and simple things, that will have an impact on our overall health, including our physical health. But what about the small and simple things that we can do each day to help our mental health? There are many things that we could be doing, and that don’t need to cost a lot or take up much time. But making our mental health as much of a priority as our physical health […]

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How Bad Weather Can Spell Disaster For Your Home

**collaborative post** Your home is the biggest purchases you’ll probably ever make, so it’s of course within your best interest to protect it. And one thing to be aware of is how damaging the weather can b. We might not be able to change the weather, but we can make sure our properties defenses are all working correctly to keep it as protected as possible. Here’s how you can go about it.  Blocked guttering Over the autumn months as the leaves fall from the trees, the wind blows them everywhere with many ending up in gutters. Over time as they […]

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