Health & Fitness

Here’s Why Health is More Than Just a Number

Living well isn’t just about the food you put into your body, or even the amount of times you go to crossfit each week. Instead, think about wellness as the sum of many things that you do each day that positively impact your body and mind. The number on the scale is not the only thing that matters when it comes to health. It is a much better indicator to look at your BMI (Body Mass Index). But even then, many factors can give an indication of your health that have nothing to do with your weight, or body mass.  […]

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Anxiety & Mental Health

What to do When Life Puts Pressure on Your Mental Health

**collaborative post** Life is what creates the pressure on our mental health. If life was plain and simple, and all of the things that happen to rock our status quo didn’t exist, then perhaps we would be living in a world without mental health issues. But life is not that fair, and there are going to be multiple times this year where life is going to put pressure on your mental health. There’s no denying it. We believe that everyone goes through at least one thing that causes them to feel stress, anxiety, or depression. If only life could be […]

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What to do When Mum Blogging Goes Wrong

 **Collaborative post** When it comes to side hustles for mums, blogs often come top. This is one of those careers that’s supposedly the ideal way to make money when you have a family. Whether you blog about motherhood or something unrelated, it’s the perfect entrepreneurial route to finding balance in your home and work life at last. Or is it?  If you’re anything like most, you’re fast realising that, as your blog grows, so do the hours you have to put in. Suddenly, you’re having to cancel plans with the kids or invest in childcare just to keep up with […]

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Brain Hacks That Instantly Make You Snarter

**collaborative post** We’d all like to be a little smarter. Having a big brain makes it easier to navigate through life, understand the world, and make good decisions.  The current popular perception, however, is that you’re stuck with the brain you’ve got. You can’t do much to make yourself smarter. That’s life.  Intellect, however, isn’t the same as height or your facial features. It is more malleable. While you probably won’t become the next Einstein, there are many things that you can do to improve your cognition on a daily basis.  Get Into A Proper Sleeping Pattern Our bodies run […]

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Tips For Creating A Fuss Free Home

Depending on how busy you are, the home is a place where you can come to relax, and if you’re currently coming home to a cluttered space, then this can challenge your own wellbeing. And everyone wants to have a home that they can enjoy and not loathe. So here are some tips for creating a fuss-free home. Get Rid Of The Clutter Clutter can often be everywhere in the home, and it’s like magic in that it builds up everywhere. So if you can, you want to try and avoid this by getting rid of the clutter in your […]

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