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Our Autumn Family Bucket List

Autumn is my absolute favourite season, without a doubt. Whenever I was younger, I preferred summer for obvious reasons. Six weeks off school won over anything else, and I was a bit of a sun junkie too. I do still enjoy summer, because it’s great to spend lots of time with the kids, but it just doesn’t have the appeal it used to. I’d happily move the big school holidays to the autumn if I could. Imagine, nine weeks of crisp autumn walks, evenings spent in front of the fire, hot chocolates. Sounds like bliss to me. Anyway, because autumn […]

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Surprising Microwave Meals

My microwave is on it’s last legs. It has been for a while actually, but it’s one of those things we keep forgetting about. Honestly, we don’t use it much. I’m not sure if that’s because it’s small and a bit rubbish, it’s just a basic one from the supermarket and barely fits a plate inside. Maybe if I had something like these Microwaves in UK by Panasonic, I might be more inclined to use it? Or maybe, it’s just because really, I’ve no idea what to cook on the thing! Who uses their microwave a lot? I’m sure almost every […]

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Family Life

Word of the Week – Normality

This week we are well and truly back to normality! We’ve gone back to routine: Homework, packed lunches, forgotten PE kits, missing socks/ shoes. It’s almost like the summer never happened! Yes, this week was the kids first full week back at school. They actually started back last Friday, which is the most bizarre of days to start back. Imagine going back for only one day! I suppose for the kids it was a nice way to ease back in, but for me it was weird. The random little taster day last week meant this this has kinda been a normal […]

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lighter life fast
Food, Health & Fitness

Back to School with Lighter Life Fast

September is one of my favourite months. After a long summer break, it is good to get back in to routine, and start some new ones. Now that the kids are back to school, I have a bit more time to think about myself, and the changes I want to make in my life. One of the changes I’m hoping to make is to my diet. If you’ve been a long time reader of my blog, you will know that I’ve made several attempts at a healthy lifestyle. Well, here I am again, this time hoping to make some permanent […]

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back to school
Family Life

Back To School, The Silence Descends

The first day back to school is always weird. I mean, really weird. Particularly the first day of the new school year, after nine weeks off. Nine weeks of laughter, tears, squabbling, singing. Nine weeks of elephant feet up and down the stairs, ‘I’m bored’ multiple times a day, squealing, shouting, chatting. Then a sudden silence descends on the house, and it’s louder than all of that put together. The silence doesn’t sound right, not now at least. I miss my children. I miss them giggling as the play together upstairs. I miss the cuddles when someone has taken a bump. I […]

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