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Preparing Your Kids Financially for Uni

Are you worried about pushing your kid out of the nest before you’re made sure whether or not they can fly? Alas, it’s a transition every kid has to go through, whether they’re going to uni or not. Here, we’re going to look at whether your kid has really learned everything they need to know, or whether there are a few crash courses you can still introduce them to before they leave. It’s better to be a little overbearing and annoying than to leave your kid at risk of building serious debt. Start budgeting as soon as possible The sooner […]

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Keeping Yourself Motivated and On Task as a Blogger

Blogging is many things to many people. For some, it’s a fun and rewarding hobby. For others, it’s a great side hustle that helps them to make a little extra pocket money on the side of their day job. For a few, it’s allowed them to give up their day jobs and make a living doing what they love most in the whole world. But whatever level of blogging you’re at right now, staying motivated and engaged in your writing can be a real challenge, especially if you’re writing on top of working a day job and / or raising […]

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Preparing You & Your Family For A New Dog

**collaborative post** Bringing your dog home for the first time is undoubtedly a time to be happy and a moment to celebrate. Pets help to brighten your mood when you’re sad and offer long-term companionship. You may be both anxious and excited to accept a new dog into your home. Instead of stressing, remain calm and take the time to prepare for the event properly. The more ready you are when the time comes to welcome your dog home, the better of an experience it’ll be for you and your family members. Be sure to get the camera ready because […]

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How Technology Influences Legal Education

Technology is touching virtually all aspects of our lives. It changes how we communicate with one another, how we keep ourselves entertained, how we work, and how we learn. Nowhere has the educational shift been felt more keenly than in the world of legal education. As one of the world’s most advanced and forthright industries, it comes as little surprise than the legal field would be quick to integrate technology into the learning process. Indeed, many of the legal issues that are on the rise are connected with technology — say, for example, intellectual property in the digital area. Ultimately, […]

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Health & Fitness

3 Simple Strategies to Aid Relaxation

**collaborative post** In the twenty first century, our lives have become more stressful than ever. We may work all hours under the sun, we may have a strict and overbearing boss and we might have unrealistic targets to meet. Our stress levels can often go through the roof leading to acute mental health problems at worst and an inability to sleep at best. Being unable to unwind means that we begin to see life as a chore rather than as a privilege. If you are finding it difficult to switch off, take a look at these three simple strategies to […]

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