Top Tips For Keeping Your Blog Safe

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If you’re a blogger then you will know and understand that your blog is one of the most important things in your life and could be your bread and butter for earning an income as well as sharing your thoughts, opinions, and tips on your passions. Unfortunately, there are people out there that don’t feel the same and don’t care about destroying the hard work that someone can put into a project.

Know as hackers, nearly everyone has heard of them and some have unfortunately experienced the destruction they can leave behind. They often see a blog as potential for making a profit by spamming with adverts or stealing your subscriber data for criminal reasons. This is why more and more people are now looking for ways to up their game when it comes to security and is on the lookout for innovative identity verification solutions to install on their blog. 

Chances are that if you lose control of your blog to a hacker, you’ll never get it back or if you do your reputation may already be damaged too much to repair. This leaves you needing to start again and no one wants that. 

Have a look below at some of the things you could look at in order to help your blog become safe and secure: 

Passwords And Usernames

Ok, so this might seem really simple but if you think about the old school computers or even computers you’ve used at work you will quickly remember that a password change was required around every three months. This was just for fun, this was to help protect yours and the companies data, you should apply the same principle to your blog. You could even go as far as setting a reminder every few months so you don’t forget. Another great way to help protect your blog through passwords and usernames is to make sure you ever use the same one twice. Try to avoid having all your accounst wit the same password. 

Secure Your Smartphone

Smartphones are only getting better and better as technology progress which means that more bloggers are now utilizing them to work on the move, it especially comes in handy for platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Although you can now access WordPress and even google documents from your mobile. You’ve probably got your smartphone linked up to all your accounts and auto logged in for ease of access. Although this is ideal for work and convience it’s definitely less than ideal if it were to be stolen. You should make sure your phone is safe at all times and make use of the extra security measures some phones now have such as retinal identification or the use of fingerprints. 

Use Of Public Networks 

Yes, it is very useful for you to be able to use the Wifi during your hotel stay or on your coffee meeting. Some people even sit in a cafe throughout the day to complete the bulk load of their work. However, just because it’s available to use it doesn’t mean it is entirely safe. You need to have other methods of security in place such as using a VPN or making sure you use encryption

There are an awful lot of threats out there when it comes to securing a blog, but there are just as many defenses. You should make sure you have an adaptable and strong defense to keep yours safe. Do you have any tips that you could share about how you keep your blog secure? Please share them in the comments section below. 

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