3 Ways to Keep Your Pet Healthy

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Our four-pawed friends are often as important to us as our own families. We lavish them with love and affection and talk to them as though they were our children, so much so that many actually regard their pets as their kids. Playing games with our pets, and feeding them treats are our ways of showing them that we love them. But do we do enough to make sure that our pets are as healthy as can be?

The Right Diet

When it comes to human health, one of the immediate reactions is to consider if we have the correct balanced diet. Our food gives us energy as well as providing us with all of the required vitamins and minerals to keep our skin, bones and organs healthy.

The same is true of cats and dogs. It can be easy to overlook this fact because our animals do not necessarily tell us when they’re not feeling one hundred percent. However, how often does your dog or cat either get the cheapest food in the supermarket? Or, the biggest brand name that you know of? Well, this might be the equivalent of only ever feeding a child fast food or sweets. Often, pet foods are pumped full of preservatives and are heavily processed, which could lead to health problems later on down the line for your pet. Instead, look into getting the best raw dog food or a complete balanced diet for your cat. Compare the nutritional information on the back of the packets in the same way that you might for yourself; look at the ingredients list and try to go for one that is full of real meat and vegetables. Your cat and dog will thank you for it!

Mental health

Keeping your pet mentally as well as physically active, is vital. Make sure that they have plenty to occupy their minds and take the time to play and interact with them wherever you can. Much like us, they can get bored and restless and depressed. This can lead to anxiety and may result in unwanted behaviour such as scratching, biting or aggression. Take your dogs on regular walks, ideally more than once a day, making sure that any larger or energetic dogs get the opportunity to work off some of their pent up energy.


Vaccinations are vital for your pet. Even if your bundle of fluffy joy doesn’t mingle with other animals, they can still pick up viruses. Regular health checks and vaccines will ensure that they are likely to stay fit and healthy. Vet bills can be costly should your pet get sick, added to the distress that it would cause the animal.

It is crucial that you follow the vaccination schedule set out by your vet. To miss one course within the program, might mean that you need to start over again with the initial set of boosters for your pet and also risk compromising their immunity.

Investing time to make sure that your pet is looked after is a fundamental part of pet ownership, a well looked after pet is a happy one who will ultimately reward you with lots of love and attention in return.

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