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6 Ways to Raise a Charitable Child

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We all remember the joy of receiving gifts when we were children. From birthdays to Christmases and every other special occasion in between, the thrill of unwrapping a present provides some of the best memories of growing up. However, at some point, we all realise that giving a gift can be just as rewarding, if not more so, as receiving them. To help your child understand and instill a charitable mindset in them, here are six things that you can do.

Set A Good Example

Children learn by watching and mimicking the actions of their parents. This means that they’re more likely to be charitable if they see you being generous and giving to causes that you support. For this reason, you should make it known when you help out a charity in some way. Rather than donating quietly, you should explain what you did to help and how you have made a difference.

Use Real-Life Events

Most of us try to shield our children from the bad things in the world, including issues like poverty. However, instead of doing so yourself, you should expose your little ones to the need of others. Show them stories on the news or take them to places where people may not have toys, food, or even homes. This teaches them to be grateful for their lives and may push them to want to help.

Find Your Child’s Passion

When you enjoy something, you’re much more likely to do it on a regular basis. Because of this, you should find a way to give that matches your child’s interests. If they like running, for example, you could stock up on holi powder and host a fundraising colour run. If they’re avid readers, they could read for the blind. You can also let them choose their own causes to support.

Suggest A Giving Plan

If your child gets an allowance or another regular source of money, you can encourage them to give a percentage of this to a charity of their choice. Give them three piggy banks, containers, or envelopes with the labels “spend”, “save”, and “give” written on the side. Then you can help them decide how much money to put in each. This teaches money management, as well as charity.

Work As A Family

Giving back is a lot more fun when you do it surrounded by people that you love. For this reason, you should make charity a family affair and try to find ways to donate together. You could work at a soup kitchen over the holidays, for example, or even plan your own fundraiser. Some families even decide to give up Christmas gifts and instead donate the money to a cause they all support.

Make Giving A Habit

Any sort of donation is well-received and appreciated by charities, but that doesn’t mean that your charitable efforts should be a once-a-year sort of thing. If you want your child to adopt a generous and charitable mindset, then they need to be giving on a regular basis. Thankfully, there are many ways for them to do this, from sponsoring an animal to singing at nursing homes.

Hopefully, with the advice above, you will have no trouble raising a generous and charitable child.


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