Set Up Your Kitchen to Make Family Cooking a Breeze

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We all know that eating takeaways every night isn’t good for our health or that of our family. Take-out is high in sugar, fat and salt – much more so than regular home-cooked fare. But sometimes we do it anyway because cooking is just too much effort. The idea of getting everything out of the kitchen cupboards and firing up the cooker after a busy day is sometimes too much. We want it to be easy.

The sad truth is that there is no way to make cooking effort-free. Even ready meals require you to put food in the microwave. But there are ways that you can set up your kitchen to make the process of preparing meals from scratch a little easier. Hopefully, with these ideas, you won’t get that sinking feeling when you have to make a feast for the whole family. Take a look at these ways to set up your kitchen to take the effort out of the entire process.

Organise Your Spices, Then Forget About Them


From asafoetida to turmeric, spices are essential for creating flavour in dishes from Mexican fajitas to Korean hot pot. But if your spices aren’t neatly arranged, it can be a nightmare to find them all. Since there are dozens of spices out there, it’s a good idea to buy a rack where you can put them in alphabetical order. Standalone racks are okay, but if you’re limited for space, they’re not ideal. The best stands are those that you hang from the back of cupboard doors.


Just as an aside, it’s important to note that spices are extremely good for your health. Often the addition of spices to a high-fat, high-sugar meal can blunt some of the adverse effects on the body. Spices allow you to eat delicious food without the collateral consequences for your waistline.

Buy A Tap That Automatically Boils Water


Filling the kettle and then waiting for it to boil isn’t the end of the world, but it is a hassle you’d rather do without if you could. If only boiling water came straight out of the tap so that you could get on with your cooking immediately.

It turns out, according to www.tapwarehouse.com, that instant boiling water is a real thing. Specific taps come with stay-warm tanks, allowing home chefs to pour boiling water into pots, pans and tea mugs instantly. It saves time and gives you the freedom to quickly rustle up a delicious meal, like pasta arrabiata.

Use Onion Goggles

Have you ever noticed that practically every recipe starts with the phrase “chop the onion and fry in the pan until translucent.” If you have, then you’ll also know that the chopping part can be a nightmare. Onions give off fumes when chopped that can affect the tear ducts of sensitive people, causing them to cry.

If you’re one of those sensitive people and have been put off cooking because of the tear-inducing effects of onions, then you might want to try wearing onion goggles. Onion goggles are special airtight glasses which create a seal around the eyes, keeping the onion fumes out. Onion glasses adjust to the contours of your face says www.topapps4u.com, so you don’t have to go to any expensive fittings. Give them a try and see if they work for you.

Buy An Apple Corer

Okay, so you don’t spend a vast amount of time chopping apples on a daily basis. But if cutting them up was a less time-consuming process, perhaps you’d eat them more often. You should: apples contain unique phytonutrients which help stave off disease and prolong life.

Apple corers are devices that chop up apples while at the same time, removing the pips and stem. All you do is take the corer – usually a series of cutting blades in a frame – and push it down over the apple. You’ll end up with apple segments and a neatly cut core section you can discard.

Create Extra Worktop Space

Worktop space is essential when cooking. You need it for chopping and for pots and pans you need to prepare before placing in the oven. But when kitchens are short on space, it can make it difficult to prepare meals.

If your kitchen is limited for space, you’ve got a number of options. The first is to remove small appliances like coffee machines and blenders and put them in drawers, only taking them out when you need them. If that’s too much hassle, a second option is to add an extendable, fold-out section to your work surface. A hinged extension can lift out when required, supported by a fold-out strut.


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