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Get Tech Confident with Post Office Digital Drop-ins

How confident are you with technology? As a family, we’re pretty forward thinking when it comes to our tech. We’re always looking for the latest smart home gadgets, and like to make our lives easier with technology. I’m of a unique generation, I can remember a time when not everyone had a mobile phone, or a home computer; Things kind of exploded during my childhood, and suddenly everyone had one. I grew up with games consoles, and became kinda hooked on tech from the moment I got my first PC.

My husband is of a similar age, and like me spent his teenage years on the internet, so he’s pretty clued up too. It’s something we’ve passed to our children, who are both absolute whizzes with computers and iPads.

Digital confidence isn’t a given though, in fact, 1 in 5 people say they feel left behind by the digital revolution. I’m often on the receiving end of many phonecalls from family members who are struggling with their laptop or phone. Even 16% of 16-24 year olds don’t feel fully confident, and with technology changing and developing at such a speed, it’s understandable. Of the people Post Office Broadband surveyed, a massive 73% said they would like support to improve their tech skills. We use technology in all walks for life now, and we really don’t want people being left behind as the digital age powers on.

That’s why Post Office Broadband and Google Digital Garage have teamed up to offer a series of events around the country. With their Digital Drop-ins, they hope to close the knowledge gap, and help people feel fully confident with the internet and their internet enabled devices. So weather you need advice about your phone, or are confused about how smart home devices work, they aim to bring you up to speed.

The Post Office Digital Drop-ins are completely free and open to anyone looking to brush up on their skills. There will be workshops and one-to-one sessions, you can even bring along your own laptop or iPad. Each of the drop-ins takes place in a local library, and offers a comfortable space to get hands on and ask as many questions as you like.

I’m attending a workshop in London this coming Friday 31st of August to see what I can learn.  For more information see Post Office Digital Drop-ins – and do pop along if you are in the area!

Disclaimer – This post has been written in collaboration with Post Office Broadband – I will be attending the event and will be compensated for my time.

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