Too Early For A Christmas Tree? No!

I’m one of those people. You know, one of those people who put up their Christmas tree really early. And you know what, I feel absolutely no shame about it. No sooner is Halloween over and I’m thinking festive thoughts. One year, the tree went up straight after the spooky decorations came down on November 1st.   It’s become a bit of a talking point recently though. This year more than ever, I’m seeing a lot of Ebenezer Scrooge’s on Facebook complaining about Christmas getting earlier and earlier every year. This has got me thinking, is November too early to put up your Christmas decorations?

Well I’ve thought about it, and the answer is NO! And if you disagree with me, you are absolutely wrong.



The idea that Christmas is getting earlier and earlier every year isn’t really true. Since I moved out of my mothers home and stared making my own adult decisions over 11 years ago, I’ve been putting my tree up “early”. And for all of those 11 years, I can remember the shops being full of Christmas “early”. Television adverts have turned festive “early” for those 11 years too. If there was a shift in how early this started to happen, it was longer than 11 years ago, so we should all just accept that November is and has been a festive month for at least a decade.

Then there is the double standards: “Oh look, Oxford Street have their Christmas lights on, how pretty and festive!” to “Oh my goodness have you seen that house in the estate with their Christmas lights on, it’s only November for goodness sake!” I mean, make up your mind! Either it’s too early for anything Christmas, or it’s not too early at all. You can’t pick and choose mate.

“But if you have your decorations up too long you’ll be sick of them come Christmas day”

Us “early” Christmas people hear this all the time and I really just don’t get it. For me, having the decorations up longer just prolongs the magic and excitement. I love the atmosphere… drawing the curtains on a dark evening, sitting in front of the fire with a hot drink as the Christmas lights twinkle on the tree. That is my perfect evening. Having my decorations up just makes me feel warm and fuzzy, and I want to enjoy that feeling for as long as possible.



There is another good reason to put the tree up in November too. December is such a busy month, so having the decorations up pre December just leaves you with one less stress. I hear a lot of people saying they wish they didn’t have to bother with the hassle of decorations mid way through the Christmas rush. Well, there’s one solution my friend, put it up in November.

Also, the earlier you get festive, the more time you have for some pretty awesome things. Mariah Carey, Elf, Christmas Drinks from Costa* (*other coffee shops are also available), Muppets Christmas Carol, Mince Pies, Home Alone, Candy canes, Ugly but oh so beautiful Christmas Jumpers and all of the other wonderful things you would otherwise have to wait until December for.

So what are you waiting for?

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