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Word of the Week – Normality

This week we are well and truly back to normality! We’ve gone back to routine: Homework, packed lunches, forgotten PE kits, missing socks/ shoes. It’s almost like the summer never happened!

Yes, this week was the kids first full week back at school. They actually started back last Friday, which is the most bizarre of days to start back. Imagine going back for only one day! I suppose for the kids it was a nice way to ease back in, but for me it was weird.

The random little taster day last week meant this this has kinda been a normal school week. That means we’ve been getting back in to the routine of doing homework, which has been tough for the kids. Fortunately, the homework this week has been minimal. I’m sure it will hit us full force next week though!

Having the kids at school has meant a bit of routine has been restored at home too. I miss the kids, and the house is quiet without them, but it’s been nice to be able to work/ tidy in peace. I’ve actually managed to write a few blog posts this week, which is a mini miracle for me! I’m always a bit rubbish at blogging during the summer. I find it hard to concentrate when there’s too much going on, and there’s always too much going on when my two are home! Now that they’re back, I plan on getting organised and knuckling down with all of the posts I have to write… I have quite a few!

I’m really looking forward to the weekend now. I forgot how tiring the early starts were. I almost fell asleep on the sofa at 9pm last night, which is very early for me. I’m usually up until past midnight, so obviously this weeks 7am starts are catching up on me. Maybe it’s time I started going to bed a bit earlier. Last school term, I was always waking up late and rushing round like mad. That’s definitely not a habit I want to slip back in to this year!

I hope you’ve all had a good first week back at school and are enjoying getting back to normality!

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