Surprising Microwave Meals

My microwave is on it’s last legs. It has been for a while actually, but it’s one of those things we keep forgetting about. Honestly, we don’t use it much. I’m not sure if that’s because it’s small and a bit rubbish, it’s just a basic one from the supermarket and barely fits a plate inside. Maybe if I had something like these Microwaves in UK by Panasonic, I might be more inclined to use it? Or maybe, it’s just because really, I’ve no idea what to cook on the thing!

Who uses their microwave a lot? I’m sure almost every house in the UK has one in their kitchen, but how often are they actually used? The extent of my microwave usage is defrosting things that I forgot to take out of the freezer on time. Sometimes when I’m feeling fancy (I mean lazy) I’ll pop a microwave dinner in. Otherwise it just sits in the corner looking pretty. I suspect I’m not really getting the most out of my appliance. But like I said, I don’t really know what else to make in it.

Recently, I have been seeing some little videos on Facebook with cool little microwave meals. It intrigued me, and got my wondering what I was missing. I decided to ask some fellow bloggers for some of their tried and tested microwave tips, and thought I would share some with you! You may find some of them quite surprising…

Surprising Things to Cook in the Microwave

When a recipe says roasted garlic we actually do it in the microwave – it isn’t “roasted” but it’s the same flavour. It goes really soft & easy to put into the food! – Sophie’s Nursery

Not so much cook, but I melt cheese as a snack. It’s tastes so much nicer warm and melted that cold! – Close Enough to Kiss

Poached eggs! Never been able to do them in a pan, little egg poacher and some water in the microwave and you’re sorted in 2 minutes – yummy! – A Mum Full of Dreams

Steamed puddings work great to make Victoria sponge cakes – Rainbows Are Too Beautiful

Risotto! There’s a fab microwave risotto recipe on the BBC good food website – Mama Mighalls

Milk for my cereal – like it very hot (bubbling) so I’m hoping that counts as cooking, can’t stomach cold or lukewarm milk – The Growing Mum

Noodles, scrambled eggs, bacon (save the washing both the oven tray and the oven), boiled vegetables, cupcake (never tried that – heard it’s good), & tea – Ethan & Evelyn

French toast! Tear bread up into strips in a mug or a bowl and add whisked egg and a little vanilla extract. Amazing breakfast, quick and simple with almost no cleanup! – Welsh Mum of One

You can cook cod in the microwave with boursin cheese on top. You can also get a cheap rice cooker thing that goes in the microwave. Finally, you can microwave frozen peas. So, serve your cheesy cod with rice and peas. A fully-balanced microwave meal! – The Mum Reviews

Bacon – side by side on a plate between two sheets of kitchen roll, 90 seconds then check, and continue in 30 second increments until crispy! The kitchen roll soaks up the grease so there’s no mess and it’s healthier! – Stacey in the Sticks

Swede. It was one of the big things at Slimming World as when you cook it it ‘sings’. Plus it saves you having to peel it – My Chaotically Eclectic Life

To make cheese on toast I cut the cheese in to cubes and melt for 30 secs or so then pour the melted cheese on to toast I’ve cooked in toaster – perfect cheese on toast – Anklebiters Adventures

BubbaBlue And Me shares these easy recipes for meringue & cheese sauce, and Emmy’s Mummy shares this great recipe for Nutella Mug Cake

Not so much cook, but I melt cheese as a snack. It’s tastes so much nicer warm and melted that cold! – Close Enough to Kiss

I cook poached eggs in a mug in the microwave. – Thrifty Mum

I cook so much in microwave, all vegetables, potatoes inc jackets, scrambled eggs and stuffing. So quick and simple. – Life of an Auntie

Scrambled egg, ‘fried eggs’ and occasionally omelettes too. It was the only thing the kids didn’t eat at one point so I lived off them! – Wafflemama

Jacket potatoes! Sooo much quicker and makes sure the middle is soft too! – Emily and Indiana

Scrambled eggs love them in the microwave and only discovered you could do them that way recently – The Mama Fairy

I have a cook book that my mum gave me full of recipes to cook in the microwave, including a full roast dinner! Which I didn’t expect you could do! – Mummy Cat Notes

Porridge. Lot faster then on the stove. With small children you got to save time whenever you can! – Captain Bobcat

I’ve made cookie dough dessert in the microwave. Delish! – Sophie and Lily

And a Couple of Microwave Cleaning Hacks Too..

I heat up lemon juice & bicarbonate soda together in the microwave. 40secs. Then add to water. Perfect for cleaning away stains on clothes – Mummy In The Mad House

I cook my sponge in the microwave to kill off bacteria! – Katy Kicker

OK, hands up who didn’t know you could cook bacon in the microwave? I certainly didn’t. I was actually so surprised when people started sending in their tips and recipes, because it seems the microwave has so many more uses than just defrosting stuff and cooking popcorn. Is there anything that’s taken you by surprise?

I’m definitely going to look at replacing my old crappy microwave now, and as soon as I do I’m making a Nutella cake! Thanks to everyone who supplied tips, you’ve really opened up my eyes on microwave cooking!

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