Inspirational Women

There are inspirational women all around us. Amongst our family and friends, within the community and across the world.

I’m lucky to have had some inspirational women in my life. These women may not have changed the world, but have had an impact on the lives they’ve touched. My mam, who raised me as a single parent is a massive inspiration for me. Especially now as I travel through parenthood myself, I fully appreciate how difficult it must have been for her, to do that on her own. She didn’t have much, but she gave me everything she could. My mother in law is an inspiration to me too. Despite a long battle with cancer, she just kept on going. I don’t remember hearing her complain, she showed a strength and courage that I’ve never seen before. have put together an ebook about the inspirational women in our lives. When surveying women across the UK, they found that almost half of people say that their mum is their biggest inspiration. But they also look beyond our family and friends, at some of the most inspirational women of our generation.

I’m so pleased to see a personal favourite of mine included in the ebook. As a bit of a Harry Potter nerd, I’m a massive fan of J.K. Rowling, and her story is certainly inspiring. She basically came from rock bottom. Having suffered horrific domestic abuse, she lived as a single parent on benefits. She has openly spoke about her depression, which is something I relate to. To pull herself out of that, and go on to become quite possibly the worlds most famous author is pretty amazing. Coming from a working class background, and having my own struggles with mental health, she really does inspire me.

I’ll probably never go on to be a multi award winning author and screen writer, but I work hard in the hopes of creating a better life for my family. Hopefully as my children get older they’ll see me as an inspiration, just as I do with my own mother.

Which women have been an inspiration in your life? I’d love to know in the comments below, or you can keep the conversation going on social media with the #inspiredby tag!

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