Beauty and the Beast & Black Lipstick #LittleLoves

This week has been a strange one, tainted by the awful events in Westminster on Wednesday. I’ve finished the week just feeling a bit off, really. I know there are terrible things happening all around the world on a daily basis, but I often live in a bit of a bubble. When something like this happens so close to home, my bubble is burst and I’m reminded what a cruel world this can be.

I’m certainly not going to let that one awful event define the week though, because there have been plenty of lovely things happening to put a smile on my face. I haven’t joined in with Little Loves for a while, but I decided this is as good a week as any to start documenting the little loves of my week. So, here’s what I’ve been enjoying this week.


I’m currently reading Kathryn Stockett’s The Help,  which I’m really enjoying so far. I saw the movie a while ago, which came about by accident. I couldn’t find the remote to change the channel, and it came on after something I’d been watching. Fast forward a couple of hours and I’m sat enthralled, with tears dripping down my cheeks. I’ve wanted to read the book ever since, but have only just got round to it.


Last Friday the kids were off school for St Patrick’s day. We used the extra day off to go to the cinema, to see Beauty and the Beast. The 1991 version is my favourite Disney animation, so I was very, very excited to go and see it. It was all kinds of awesome, we loved it. I absolutely love the fact that they kept all of the original songs, I was basically living my childhood once more. I can’t be the only one who got goosebumps during the title song?!



This week I’ve made lots of excuses not to do the work I need to do.  don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I just can’t seem to get my butt in to gear. I mean, I’m always the queen of procrastination, but this week has been the worst.


I’m a big fan of dark, vampy lip colours; This week, I took that to a new level with some black lipstick. I used to wear black lippy back in my young teenage days when I went through my goth stage, and it wasn’t a good look, but I’m loving it now. Even if I do look miserable AF in the photo…


I listen to The 1975 a lot at the moment, like all the time. This is my favourite at the moment:


And Lastly…

Following the attack in London on Wednesday there have been lots of wise words and uplifting quotes  shared on social media. There has also been a feeling of great strength, letting the world know that we won’t be beat by hate. I particularly enjoyed reading the signs written around the London tube stations on Twitter yesterday.

I hope you’ve all had a good week.

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  • Reply RachelSwirl March 26, 2017 at 1:35 am

    loving the vampy lippy! I also enjoyed Beauty and the Beast too x

  • Reply Kate March 27, 2017 at 12:24 pm

    Love your lippie! And glasses by the way! Also loving The 1975 – good choices!

  • Reply Morgana March 29, 2017 at 9:00 pm

    Oh I loved The Help, both the book and the film.
    We’re off to see Beauty and the Beast this weekend and I cannot wait!
    Hope you’re having a good week x

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