A #CraftyChristmas with Gel-A-Peel

My favourite thing about Christmas is doing things together as a family. Whether something big, or something small, it’s just nice to have a bit of time together doing something fun. Watching Christmas movies snuggled on the sofa, baking cookies together or writing out Christmas card while listening to festive music, I love it all.

The lovely people from Gel-A-Peel recently got in touch to see if we would like to take part in their Crafty Christmas challenge, and I thought it was the perfect opportunity for us to do something a little bit different as a family. Something festive, but not something we’ve done before.

We were kindly sent some Christmas decorations and glittery Gel-A-Peel and asked to get crafty and decorate our own Christmas decorations.


Having previously tested out the Deluxe Kit, we knew what to expose from Gel-A-Peel, but for those of you that aren’t familiar with the product I’ll explain a little. Gel-A-Peel is designed to help you create your own funky jewellery and accessories. Each kit includes gel tubes, designer nozzles and some templates. You simply draw over the templates and allow to dry, before peeling away to reveal your new jewellery.

We thoroughly enjoyed it last time we tested it, and we couldn’t wait to release our inner creativity ¬†bit with this challenge.


To begin we drew out some guidelines on to our stocking in pencil. Once we were satisfied with the design, Caitlin got to work colouring and adding her own little creative flare. We played around with different colours and nozzles to create our own unique design. We then got to work on the baubles, and even got Neil involved. The sparkle colours are perfect for the designs, as we all love a bit of glitter at Christmas don’t we?


Once we’d finished our masterpieces we had to leave them to dry before putting them on to the try to take pride of place next to the other homemade decorations, a collection which we’ve kept over the years. I do enjoy the whole process of designing your own, as each decoration hanging on the tree tells a different story.




The kids were very proud of their creations and we had a lovely evening of decorating together! I’d never have thought of using Gel-A-Peel to costuming Christmas decorations, but now that we’ve tried it we are on the look out for more things to add a bit of sparkle too. For more inspiration you can pop over to the Gel-A-Peel Twitter page where you can pick up tips, see many more creations and often win prizes, so keep your eyes peeled! (No pun intended…)

Christmas decorations and Gel-a-Peel kit kindly sent to us to take part in the #CraftyChristmas challenge  however all thoughts are our own.

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