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Dressing the Windows for Christmas

There may still be a few days until it’s December but things are starting to feel very festive around here. The tree is up, coloured lights twinkle, the fire is roaring and Santa takes pride of place on the sideboard. I love my house at Christmas time, it feels so warm and inviting. The mismatch of decorations lovingly picked over the years are a reflection of our family, in a way. And for me, that’s kinda perfect.

One thing that has been overlooked in the six years we’ve lived here is the windows. While we have acquired a lovely collection of room decorations, the window decorations have always been an after thought. Last minute gel window stickers from the local pound shop, battery operated net lighting that goes dim after about ten minutes… We’ve just never put in the effort and it always looks a bit rubbish.

This year, I plan on doing things a little differently. I want to create a Christmas window display to be proud of.

I’m not talking about trying to keep up with the Joneses here. I’m certainly not looking to out Christmas the neighbours with a bigger, brighter, better window. I don’t care how good it looks from the road, if you need sunglasses to sit in your living room at night you’ve probably taken things too far. No, that’s not what I’m aiming for at all. My plan is to create a window display that is nice to look at whatever side of the glass you are on.

When I think of the perfect Christmas window, I think of sash windows with a light dusting of snow. Like something out of A Christmas Carol. I used to work in a lovely old building with original sash windows, and I loved decorating them for Christmas. Little decorations hung at varying heights over each pane, with delicate lights draped around the edges. They really did look beautiful. Being old and not very well looked after, they were cold and drafty and could have done with being updated with some new weatherstripping beads. It didn’t put me off though, it’s still a dream of mine to have sash windows.

Unfortunately for now I’m stuck with regular old PVC windows, but that doesn’t mean I can’t make them look nice. I’ve been looking to Pinterest for some inspiration, and as always I’ve come away with some great ideas.


I’m loving the natural theme, using twigs and branches to hang simple handmade decorations from. Pinecones, holly leaves and glittered leaves all make for very simple but effective Christmas decorations. They also give a great excuse to get out and about as a family to forage for all of the thing needed. Another theme I am loving is snowy silhouettes made from white paper or card, which can be illuminated with little lights at night.

I’ve definitely got a soft spot for a simple designs, and I’m feeling inspired to start dressing the windows at the weekend.

Do you decorate your windows for Christmas? Let me know what your window display style is in the comments below!

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