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Extreme Sports for Adventurous Kids

So your kids can ride a bike, but they’re getting a little bored? Some children crave a bit of adventure, and while cycling is fun they can be left wanting more. With a rise in popularity of things like the X Games, kids are becoming involved in extreme sports like skateboarding now more than ever. So if your children are looking for something to fuel their adventurous side, read on!


If your child has a passion for cycling but is looking for something more adventurous, BMX may be the answer. BMX can take the form of freestyle or racing. BMX racing became an Olympic sport at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and has grown in popularity since. There are clubs and tracks all over the UK. For those not wanting to race on the BMX track, Freestyle may be more suitable. Freestyle BMX involves performing stunts in places like skateparks, or getting creative with stairs and handrails in urban areas.

If your child is keen to get in to BMX, make sure they are kitted out with all of the right safety gear to protect them from falls. Also make sure they know their limits when it comes to trying new tricks, and to be aware of their surroundings, particularly in urban areas.



Just like with BMX, skateboard has seen a huge rise in popularity over recent years. Places like SkateHut have a huge range of Skateboards and accessories from beginner right through to pro. Choosing the right board is important. For children under ten, it’s recommended you buy a mini board as it will be lighter and easier to manoeuvre and do tricks with. Children over ten can use a full size board. Of course, your child will also want a cool design to impress their friends with. With such a large range of designs, that shouldn’t be a problem.

To get started with Skateboarding all you need is a skateboard, helmet and protective gear like knee and elbow pads. A good pair of skate shoes are recommended too, but beginners can just wear sturdy trainers. Encourage children to start on a flat surface while they build up their balance and confidence, before moving on to ramps and tricks. There are skate parks all across the country, and they are a great place to go and watch other perform tricks and learn some tips from more experienced skaters.


Not all extreme sports require wheels. If your child is craving adrenaline but is looking for something a bit different, they could try climbing. Most climbing for beginners takes place at a climbing wall. Instructors can teach children how to climb safely, using the right equipment. Climbing involves problem solving, working out the best route to take. Getting to the top of a climb can give a great sense of pride and accomplishment for kids. It’s also a great way to keep fit.¬†Climbing is generally popular with older children, but check age restrictions with your local climbing wall.

The post is a collaboration with SkateHut however all words are my own.

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