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Learning at Home with Education Quizzes

We’re in to week three of the summer holidays here in Northern Ireland, and now children across the UK are preparing for their last day. It’s definitely time for a well earned break after months of school work.

I remember my summer holidays as a child, how excited I was about the prospect of six weeks without any school work. As a parent though, I understand the importance of keeping your child’s brain active and continuing with the work over the summer, in some form. Of course, I want my children to have fun, and enjoy being children for the nine weeks that they are off, but I don’t want their education to suffer for it.

Nine weeks is an awful long time. Hey, I know I’d be forgetting things I learned nine weeks ago. This summer, I’m keen to continue building on what they learned during the school term, without them feeling like they are back at school. I want to keep things fun and exciting for them. It is all about finding a balance.

As a parent, it can be quite difficult to know where to begin when it comes to your children’s learning. I’m obviously not a qualified teacher, and don’t know the ins and outs of the national curriculum. What has come in really handy over the last couple of weeks is a website called Education Quizzes, which is filled with lots of educational quizzes for children.

education quizzes

Educational Quizzes is a website dedicated to helping children of all ages be more successful at school. From KS1, KS2, KS3 all the way up to GCSE, there are quizzes on the site for all ages and abilities. The best thing about it is, all of the quizzes are written by teachers with a good knowledge of the curriculum.

Having a six year old and a seven year old, I was particularly interested in the KS1 and 2 quizzes. My children have been trying out various quizzes, from maths through to science and English. The quizzes are relatively short, which means learning can be done in bitesize chunks. They are engaging too, as each answer is marked straight away allowing children to see how they are getting on. My children particularly love getting to the end to see how many they got out of 10, and it’s so rewarding for them to see full marks.

While we are enjoying using the service the top up their school learning during the holidays, it would also be an invaluable tool for children revising for exams. Whether it be the SATs, the 11 plus or GCSEs, there are quizzes to get children through each of those tough exam phases.

The service costs £7.50 a month for home users, which I personally find to be quite reasonable for the family to use. I’m sure we spend more than that each month on useless tat, especially during the summer! Of course, £7.50 a month may not be in the budget, and Education Quizzes understand that. Which is why they are encouraging schools to sign up, with pupil subscriptions costing from as little as £2 a year! It’s got to be worth a wee mention to your school, at that price!

We’ve really enjoyed testing out the Education Quizzes website and will definitely continue to subscribe!

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