Snap It! Children’s Photography Linky #1

Welcome to my new photography linky, Snap It! The place where you can share all of the photos taken by your children.

Most children love taking photos. Give a toddler a phone and I’m sure they’ll find the camera. Before you know it your photo stream will be filled with dodgy selfies and pictures of tiny feet. That’s usually how it starts, and if you encourage it, it can become so much more.

My children both love taking photos. Their iPads are ready to burst with the amount of pictures they have saved. Looking through their gallery tells a real story about them. They each take photos of their favourite toys, their family members and lots of photos of the cats. It shows you a little bit of life as they see it, and I love that.

They’ve recently started playing with my cameras, too. With a little bit of supervision, they’re starting to get to grips with using a real camera. They’ve tried both my compact system and my DSLR, although it is a little too big for small hands. It’s great to see the interest in photography developing in them, and it’s something I’m keen to encourage.

I’m sure my children aren’t the only children who love taking photos, so I thought it would be great to start a new linky where we could share our children’s photos. I do hope you can join in.

This week we’ve been going out for walks most evenings. I take my camera everywhere, because you never know when a great photo opportunity might arise. The kids were hassling me for the whole walk, “please mum can I have the camera now?”, so on the way home I let them have a little turn.

Caitlin spent the whole walk looking for birds. Once she got the camera, she was determined to snap a feathered friend. Unfortunately most o the birds she found were too far away, or flew away before she got the chance to capture it. We did find this pigeon house though, and she managed to get quite a good shot. I had to lift her up to take this photo, because it was quite high up, but she managed to keep the camera steady. She was very pleased with herself when she got home and had a look on the laptop.

Snap It! 1.1

The second photo I’m sharing is this portrait of Caitlin which was taken by Neil. I love Caitlin’s facial expression, every time I look at it I smile. She looks thoroughly disgusted about something, although I’m not quite sure what. I think Neil caught the photo at just the right time!

Snap It! 1.2

I would love to see what your children had been snapping this week!

To join in, simply share any photo that was taken by your child. Be it a dodgy selfie, an accidental foot photo, or a wildlife shot. It doesnt need to be perfect, and it can be shot with a camera, a phone/ tablet or a kids camera. If they’ve been snapping, I want to see it! Simply link up your blog post below. While you are here, I would love a little share too, to spread the word about my new linky!

Linky Rules

The rules for this linky are simple:

  • The Linky is open from Thursday 7am until Sundat 11:59 pm
  • Link up one post
  • Photos can be with or without words
  • Try to comment on as many posts as you can. Spread the love! (2 comments minimum)
  • I’d love you to add my badge to your post. Simply grab the code below.
  • Any posts not related to children’s photography will be removed.

Don’t forget to tweet @blogmummylauren with the #SnapIt and I’ll retweet you!


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  • Reply Charlotte June 23, 2016 at 1:27 pm

    I think a linky of kids snaps is a great idea. My kids ipads are too, full of pictures, usually of their funny faces and drawings they done. My two are definitely too young for my DSLR I think I might cry if they dropped it. They do however steal my compact. Although I have had many photos of little fingers peeking over the lens #snapit

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