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Kinetic Sand Build Crash ’em Cars Review

We were recently sent a new playlet from the Kinetic Sand Build range, the Kinetic Sand Build Crash ’em Cars. Being big fans of kinetic sand, we couldn’t wait to put the new range to the test!


Kinetic sand is a mouldable sand which can be used to build and shape. It has a texture almost like wet sand, but it is completely dry. It oozes though your fingers, but when pressed together it becomes firm enough to build with. It’s quite a strange feeling, in fact it’s quite mesmerising. It’s a popular toy for children with sensory needs. We’ve played with it before, but we’ve never tried a build pack.

The Kinetic Sand Build Crash ’em Cars set comes with everything you need to get started. Included in the box is: two packets of Kinetic Sand (in red and blue), two car chassis, car part moulds, a cone mould and two card ramps. The box itself then folds out to become a race track playing area.

kinetic sand build crash 'em cars

Making a car is easy. You simply push the Kinetic Sand in to the moulds, attach them to the chassis and away you go. There is lots of detail on each of the moulds, meaning the finished design looks pretty snazzy.

crash em cars

kinetic sand crash 'em cars

There’s enough kinetic sand in the box to make a couple of cars and plenty of cones and obstacles. Once the cars are made, you then have the fun part, crashing them! The kids couldn’t wait to race their cars and cause as much carnage and destructions as possible. Smashing the cars together at high speeds creates a delightful mess of kinetic sand, which had the kids squealing in delight.

crash 'em cars

Obviously, once you’ve crashed the cars a few times the colours are going to merge. Luckily, when combined the colour become a lovely purple. This is great, because I’m usually a bit of a weirdo when it comes to mixing colours of mouldable toys, as they always en up an awful sludgy colour!


Our Verdict

We really enjoyed playing with the Kinetic Sand Crash ’em Cars. The kids loved building their cars, crashing them and then starting over again. I suppose that’s the beauty of Kinetic Sand, it’s not permanent and you can start again as many times as you like. As a fan of kinetic sands, it was great to see some new designs and concepts, and the Crash ’em Cars really is a fun idea.

Here’s what the kids had to say about it:

Neil – “It’s fun to just feel it, and that’s pretty cool. I like it because it’s crazy because when you hit it it feels like a brick, but then it’s so soft. I liked crashing the cars, it was funny.”

Caitlin – “It feels so nice. I like the way it feels in my hands. It’s so fun holding it in to shapes and then playing with it.”

The Kinetic Sand Crash ’em Cars is one of a range of new ‘Build’ toys from Kinetic Sand. It’s currently available on Amazon for £14.99. For more information, visit Spinmaster.

We were sent the Kinetic Sand Crash ’em Cars free of charge in return for an honest review. All thoughts are our own.

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  • Reply Baby Isabella June 29, 2016 at 8:02 pm

    We’ve always wanted to try Kinetic Sand! Sadly we can’t find any anywhere! Great review, makes us want it even more!! #TriedTested
    Baby Isabella recently posted…Pick up a p-p-penguin with Orchard ToysMy Profile

  • Reply RachelSwirl June 29, 2016 at 11:59 pm

    We have used this stuff before but found it broke up into dust.
    RachelSwirl recently posted…Workplace & Adult Bullying – My ExperienceMy Profile

    • Reply Lauren June 30, 2016 at 1:32 am

      Oh really Rachel? That’s a shame! I wonder if the formula is different for the build packs? This one didn’t do that at all.

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