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eZee Beads Garden Bugs and Flowers Review

Caitlin loves making things. She’s at that age where she wants to be as independent as possible, so she particularly loves things she can make on her own. We were recently sent a pack of eZee Beads to try out, which is right up her street at the moment.

To coincide with Chelsea Flower Show which takes place from the 24th – 28th of May, we were sent the eZee Bead Garden Bugs & Flowers set so we could make our own beautiful flower creations.

ezee beads

The set contains over 400 hundred beads in seven different colours, a bead tray, four design cards and water spray bottle. If you are familiar with bead toys, you may be wondering what the spray bottle is for. I was surprised to learn that eZee Beads do not require an iron to bond them together, instead you simply spray them with water!


The kit is very easy to use. The beads all come in bags, separated by colour. I did find the little bags quite difficult to open, and ended up searching the house for scissors (where do all of the scissors go, anyway?), so a little slice in the bag to allow for easy tearing would have made it easier, but that’s not a big deal. To get started you simply choose your design card and slide it in to the back of the bead tray. Next you take your coloured beads and place them on the tray one at a time, being sure to match the colours with those on the design card.

Caitlin chose to make a ladybird and a flower for her first creations. Once she got started, the whole thing probably took her about 10 to 15 minutes to make. She enjoyed that she could do it herself without any input from mum, and she loved counting out the colours and putting them in the correct place on the design board. The beads are small, so they are great for developing fine motor skills.


ezee beads

Once the design was complete, it was time to set the beads together. First remove the design card from the board so it doesn’t get wet, then you just spray over your design with the water bottle and leave it 30 minutes to dry. The instructions say, “Spray enough water to thoroughly wet all the beads”. The first time we tried this we sprayed way too much water, and it took a long time to dry, almost a couple of hours. Of course, Caitlin was quite impatient because she wanted to see her finished creation! I think there is a knack to this, and you’ll soon learn how much water is just enough. The second time we tried we got the water spot on and it dried in the recommended 30 minutes.

ezee beads

Once the beads are dry, it’s time to take them off. The beads will leave some colour residue on the design tray but it can be washed away with warm soapy water. We were amazed at how well the beads had stuck together without any heat applied, and Caitlin was very impressed with her designs. We did have a little bit of trouble getting the beads off the board as they were well stuck, but I think that’s because we’d used too much water.


Overall we were very pleased with the eZee Beads. I think the most impressive thing is that is sticks together with water. This makes it a great toy for children who like to do things for themselves, as they no longer have to ask mum or dad to iron their design for them. The flower and bug designs were very sweet, perfect for any little garden and wildlife lover. We would definitely buy some of the other designs in the future.


The eZee Bead Garden Bugs and Flowers kit is suitable for children aged 5+. Sold by John Adams, it is available in all good toy shops for RRP £4.99.

We were sent a pack of eZee Beads free of charge for the purpose of review, however all views remain our own.

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