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A Surprise Breakfast with Tesco

My house is quite the hub of activity most mornings, from 7am onwards there is always so much to do. Breakfast, school bags, snacks, coordinating the children who always seem to have lost something vitally important, like their shoes, or school bag, and making sure everyone gets out of the house on time, looking half presentable. It is chaos.

Last week I had the chance to enjoy a break from all that, thanks to Tesco. Tesco kindly sent a hamper full of goodies for my husband and children to surprise me with a morning off. It was supposed to be a lovely mothers day treat, but as I was feeling unwell during the mothers day weekend, so I got a lovely midweek treat instead.

tesco hamper

The hamper contained some lovely cards and a biscuit for the kids to decorate for me, along with some recipes and ingredients for a delicious breakfast, including some porridge oats and some bagels and a gorgeous tray to serve it all on.

Tesco Hamper

My husband took the kids up to Tesco on a secret mission to source some fresh ingredients for the breakfast. I was at work while all of this was taking place, so I was in the dark about the whole thing.

Once they arrived home, the kids set about decorating their cards, and designing a lovely biscuit for me, before sampling some of the leftover icing (of course!).



biscuit decorating


I knew something was up as soon as I got home from work. Caitlin kept ‘whispering’ to her daddy in the way that kids do, “Is it time for the surprise yet”. I pretended I couldn’t hear their little secret, I didn’t want to ruin it for her. She was very excited about surprising me.

The recipe they chose for me was a yummy yoghurt pot, which involved layering yogurt, oats and crushed fruit neatly in a glass. The recipe allowed the kids to get involved, and after closing some of my favourite berries, they sat and mashed them in to bowls with a fork. It was lovely that they could get involved and help make my treat.

crushing fruit

It was then time to surprise me with my delicious breakfast, which was beautifully presented on the tray along with some cards from the kids, some fresh juice and a nice cup of coffee. What more could I want?



The yoghurt pot was delicious, and I loved that they topped it with pomegranate seeds, as it’s my favourite fruit! My heart melted when I saw all of the effort they had put in to make me a surprise, and I just wanted to give them all a bit hug. It was lovely to have a morning off enjoying a wee treat.

With special thanks to Tesco for gifting us this lovely mothers day treat.

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