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Ways To Make Christmas Magical

Three ways to make Christmas magical for children

It’s great being a kid during the Christmas season. Do you remember the times when you patiently waited for Christmas Eve to arrive? There’s no feeling like it when you’re that young. Opening presents on Christmas Day is amazing, but Christmas isn’t just about opening presents. As parents, there are ways on how we can make this festive season more magical for our kids. If you have toddlers of your own and want to make them appreciate Christmas better, here are some things that you can do.

Play scavenger hunt

Traditionally, gifts belong under the tree. But if you want to make Christmas more adventurous, you can always play scavenger hunt with your kids. Hide their gifts all over you home, leave clues for them to find, and make them start searching on Christmas Eve. The first one who finds all of his or her presents wins. Don’t forget to give a good prize to the winner, and a nice consolation prize to the child who didn’t finish first.

Leave trails of Santa

If you want to build up the hype centering around Santa’s yearly visit, drop clues to keep your children’s faith in Santa Claus. Drop cookie crumbs all over their gifts since, after all, Santa loves cookies. Before the kids open the presents, you can try putting gift boxes in the refrigerator to make them extra cold. Santa lives in the North Pole so you can tell them that the gifts came all the way from the freezing temperatures of his homeland.

Show your kids your care about others

Not every child on this planet is living a comfortable life. Charities that work so hard in other countries just to give marginalized kids three square meals a day are proof of that. So even if it’s just once a year, try to lend a helping hand to the homeless and suffering by making them feel that they aren’t forgotten. Bake cookies with your kids or pack clothes and give them to the poor. Not only will this make your child feel good about helping others, but you will teach them that Christmas isn’t just about opening presents; it’s all about spreading the love and making the world a much better place, one good act at a time.

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