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Back To School 2015

Can you believe that summer is over? I certainly can’t. How can it be September already? I think I say this at the beginning of every new month, but where has the year gone? I feel like we are on fast forward, it barely feels like a few days ago since the kids broke up from school, but it has been 9 weeks for us…. 9 weeks. Wow. Dare I mention that it’s only 114 days now until Christmas? No, I probably shouldn’t.

So yes, this morning I found myself taking the obligatory ‘back to school’ photos of the kids in their uniform ready for a new school year. Memories are flooding back to this time last year, when my baby girl was posing for these photos on her first day at school, and the same a year earlier for Neil.

Today marks the start of early mornings, washing (and ironing, if they are lucky) uniforms, trying to find something other than a cheese sandwich that my daughter will actually eat for packed lunch, homework, forgotten library books and PE kits…

I am going to miss having them around when I’m not at work. The house is not the same without their energy. I’m definitely not going to miss the mess and destruction they leave in their path when they are at home.

As I write this, the kids are only minutes away from finishing their first day back. I’m excited to hear what they have been up to, I know Caitlin will come home full of stories. I’m also anxious to see how Neil has coped with being back. As I mentioned in this post, he doesn’t like school very much at all and it’s been a major cause of upset and tears in the last week. Only time will tell how things to go for him this year, but for now I just hope he’s had a good day today.

So, here’s to a new school year, hopefully lots of learning and many happy memories. If you have children heading back to school this week, I hope it all goes well!

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  • Reply Kim Carberry September 1, 2015 at 5:56 pm

    Wow!! 9 Weeks is such a long time to have off school….My girls had just over 6 and I think that's just about right! I hope their first day went well x

    • Reply Lauren September 4, 2015 at 8:36 pm

      I know, 9 weeks is definitely a long time! We don't get as much time off during the other holidays though, so it evens itself out over the year x

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