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Ice-Cream makes you happy

There is just something so wonderful about ice-cream, isn’t there?

It has the ability to evoke happy memories with just one little lick. Memories of days at the beach, and the excitement you felt when you heard the ice-cream van in your front street and ran out in your bare feet desperately hoping you wouldn’t miss it. Memories of buying a screwball just for the 1p bubblegum at the bottom, or stuffing your face with mint Vienetta at Christmas time.  It seems, no matter how bad a day you are having, ice-cream is the promise of a little happiness, even if just for a moment. Come on, who hasn’t devoured a whole tub of Ben & Jerry’s on a particularly rough day? I love the look on my children’s faces when I say ‘Come on, who fancies an ice-cream?’, it’s a look of pure joy and delight. We love going for an after school treat, particularly when one of the kids has had a bad day at school (which would be everyday if you asked Neil). 

The whole process of getting an ice-cream adds to the fun. Choosing what flavour you want, looking at all of the toppings and deciding weather you want a flake or some monkeys blood (strawberry sauce, for the uninitiated) or even both if you are feeling fancy!


The look on Caitlin’s face says it all, that wee smug smile that says ‘Yeh, I’ve got ice-cream and it tastes gooood’. It was so nice to spend some time in the sun, just eating our delicious treats and watching the world go by. it felt like spring properly for the first time and it was great.Here’s to summer, and to lots of happy memories made with an ice-cream in hand. I can’t wait!Linking up to Twinkly Tuesday

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  • Reply April 28, 2015 at 9:13 am

    Those scrumptious looks! You've made me hungry for an icecream now!! #twinkletuesday

  • Reply amy cooper April 28, 2015 at 8:18 pm

    ahh do love an ice cream on a nice sunny day! x

  • Reply Sadia April 29, 2015 at 11:37 pm

    I was allergic to all dairy as a child, so I don't have the same associations with my own childhood that a lot of people have with ice cream. I've outgrown my allergies, and this is almost better. Every time I have a lick of ice cream, it takes me back to my pregnancy, when I was trying like a mad woman to put on enough weight to carry twins to term. Thanks for linking up at #TwinklyTuesday!!

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