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Home Workout Routine of the Week 16-04-15

It’s Friday morning and I have well and truly got the Friday feeling. I’m bursting with energy and ready to go. I really think this new diet and exercise plan is starting to have a proper effect on me!
Part of my exercise routine has to take place in a gym using various bits of gym equipment, but a lot of the hard work has to happen at home too. I have always been a fan of home workouts. I can remember being really young and trying to copy a kickboxing video at my aunties house. I don’t think we were taking it very seriously, there was a lot of laughing going on, but that’s the first memory I have of home workouts and I have enjoyed them ever since. When I was a student, I used to do dance workouts in my living room with my flat mate… We looked a right state but it was such good fun.
These days, I tend to go to YouTube for my home workout routines. Because YouTube is free, you can try any kind of workout and not worry if it’s not for you. Previously I would have had no interest in something like yoga, I certainly would never have paid for a dvd or a class, but after following a yoga routine on YouTube I actually loved it, so it’s great for trying out new things.
My favourite routine this week is a kickboxing workout from a youtuber called Joanna Soh. Joanna’s channel is one of my go to places for home workout routines, but this is the one I have been enjoying the most recently.

It’s a great 20 minute routine, with the option to use weights if you wish. I tired it last week without weights, and then again this morning with a pair of 1kg dumbells. Holding weights during the routine really increase the intensity. 1kg doesn’t feel too heavy but after 20 minutes of punches, squats and kicks with them in my hand they felt like they weighed a ton! I was a big sweaty mess when I had finished and collapsed in to a heap on my sofa!
If you are trying to get fit I would urge you to give this one a go, and check out a few more of Joanna’s videos if you can.
Do you have a favourite home workout routine you could share with me?

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