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Family Time is Better With Cake

For me, there is nothing better than time spent with my family.

When the kids are at school, things can get pretty hectic. I’ve never really been a morning person, it takes me a good hour and a cup of nice strong coffee to get my brain in to action, and I spend most of that hour running around looking for missing school socks and trying to work out who needs what in their school bags. Evenings are spent doing homework, washing uniforms, making dinner, cleaning up, trying to work out who needs what for school the next day. I still haven’t quite mastered that last part, hence me running around like a headless chicken each morning stuffing PE kits in to the wrong bags. All of the busy busy means there’s not much time left for quality time together as a family.
I love school holidays, because you can slow things down, even if just a tiny bit. Yes, Easter was busy, full of activities and days out and things to do, but there was also an opportunity for one or two quiet afternoons.
Our favourite way to spend a quiet afternoon is with a nice warm cup of something milky. Tea, coffee, hot chocolate, we’re not fussy, so long as we have some cake to accompany our hot drinks we’re happy.
So when a lovely little box of Mr Kipling cakes arrived in the post on the last day of the Easter holidays, I knew there was only one thing for it….. A tea party.

The kettle is never off in my house. The noisy slurps that indicate an empty cup are often a signal for another to be brewed. English people are known around the world for drinking a lot of tea, but let me tell you, people of Northern Ireland drink more. Lots more. Tea is such a normality in our house, so to make things a bit more special we keep fancy teapots just for these sorts of occasion.

So we set out our plates, filled the teapot and gathered around the table together to enjoy a little treat.

The Only difficult thing about having a tea party was trying to decide which cake to eat first. A Cherry Bakewell, or a French Fancy? A yellow one or a pink? Tough decision for a lazy Sunday afternoon!

There is a certain level of concentration required to make sure not a single crumb is dropped, and so for a few minutes there was silence as we all make sure we got every last bit in to our mouthes. It was, quite possibly, the only moment of quiet during the whole holidays…


And then the chatter started, and my wonderful, vibrant family came to life once more. It was so nice to sit down together and share some laughs, just enjoying a bit of family time before the dreaded back to school routine. It was just what we needed to end a perfect Easter holiday, and it proves that school holidays are better with cake, tea is better with cake, and life is most definitely better with cake!
(Although, I’m on a diet so we’ll pretend I didn’t say that!)
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  • Reply kateonthinice April 18, 2015 at 10:10 am

    I empathise with so much of what you write in this post and we too love a good tea party. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part

  • Reply Kerri April 19, 2015 at 12:31 am

    This looks lovely, Love the tea set too very smart. I am more of a coffee fan myself but I do love how a classic british tea looks with tea set and cakes. I have to say I eat cake with just about any liquid myself lol.

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