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I found out last week that I still had a good few hours of holidays left to take so I have been very fortunate to have a nice stretch of time off work this week, and probably again next week. I haven’t done much, and haven’t ticked as many things off my to do list as I would have liked, but it has been nice to recharge a bit. I think if I have another stretch of time off next week I may give myself a kick up the bum and get stuff done.

So, on this lovely lazy week, I have….


I haven’t read much at all recently. I got myself a book from the mobile library last month and it,s still sitting on the sideboard where I left it. I could do with setting aside some time to curl up and read infront of the stove on an evening, but most nights this week I have been watching TV instead.


This morning I was very excited to watch the solar eclipse. During breakfast I explained an eclipse to the children, and said they might see it at school. Before they left for the bus, Neil asked me ‘mum, what time is the apocalypse?’ Hopefully he is not heading in the school telling people there is an apocalypse today!

I was 11 when we last had an eclipse, but I don’t remember being very interested then. I settled down infront of the window with the little pinhole viewer I had made with card and got ready to watch the event. Unfortunately, it was quite cloudy here in County Down so I had to watch the best part of it on Sky News but there were a few breaks in the cloud and I managed to get this photo. All very exciting!


I went to a wedding last week and got to dress up for the first time in ages. I bought a beautiful Chi Chi London dress for £10 in the sale last year for the occasion, and I couldn’t wait to wear it. I was very excited to have a chance to wear a fascinator for the first time too. I often look at pictures of ladies day at the races in absolute wonder. I had been joking to the beautiful bride that I would be wearing a head piece to rival that of Princess Eugenie at the Royal Wedding, but it wasn’t quite on that scale.
It did feel amazing to get dressed up in fancy clothes instead of the usual jeans and uggs!


I have been listening to music a lot, and I’m in the process of creating myself some new playlists on Spotify. I found this little gem and have been listening to it a lot. It’s a bit of a blast from the past, and it has such an upbeat tune.


Coffee, but it hasn’t been working out too well for me. My regular coffee is a tin of Nescafé Azera. For an instant coffee, it is sooo tasty and far nicer than any coffee I ever made with my dolce gusto machine. At Christmas time I got a filter coffee machine, we had one when we first got together and loved it so thought we would get a new one. As my regular coffee had run out I gave the machine a go, but I just can’t seem to get it right! Every coffee I make has either tasted like tar, or toilet water. I am getting fed up, and so have reverted to iced coffee instead.

And lastly…

The kids were allowed to pick a treat in the toy shop this week. Caitlin picked the standard, Shopkins. I have lost count of the number of shopkins she has, but it’s a lot and they are everywhere in the house. Neil surprised me and bought himself a Baymax toy from Big Hero 6, despite having not seen the movie yet. He has had the thing in his hand since he took it out of the pack and has been asking questions about it, so I’m wondering if this is the start of one of his new special interests? Only time will tell….

I hope you have had a great week and have a fantastic weekend!


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  • Reply RaisingMightyGirls March 20, 2015 at 4:43 pm

    Still loving that dress!! very swanky and cool all at the same time! I was out watching the solar eclipse too. But my photos were rubbish! #littleloves

  • Reply Kim Carberry March 20, 2015 at 9:46 pm

    It sounds like a great week!
    That dress is just stunning x

  • Reply Alice March 22, 2015 at 12:19 pm

    Yey for lazy weeks! Sometimes you need to relax and leave the to-do list 🙂 Nice picture of the eclipse, I love that your little boy was calling it the apocalypse – so cute. Hope you've had a lovely weekend xx

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