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Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty Review

Neil loves to touch and feel things. Whenever he is sitting watching tv, or doing his homework, or reading, he has to be doing something with his hands. We have tried lots of fiddle toys in the past, with varied results.

I first came across Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty on Twitter and thought it looked great for Neil. I was delighted when I was asked if we would like to try a tin of it.

Thinking Putty is ‘stress relieving, hand exercising, mind expanding, totally fun and addictive’ which sounds pretty awesome, and we couldn’t wait to see what it was like.

Two tins of Thinking Putty arrived, a large tin on ‘Super Illusion Super Oil Slick’ and. Small tin of ‘Hypercolour Amethyst Blush’

When I first tried to open the tin I could barely move the lid, the putty had moulded all around the inside. Leaving the tin flat for 10 minutes would have sorted this, but I’m impatient and wanted it out immediately, and so prised it open with a lot of strength. Inside the tin was a strange looking, yellow-ish looking substance. It looked a bit like those little pots of slime you bought on your school trip to a museum as a child, and I expected it to feel like that too, but I was wrong.

The Super Illusions putty felt quite firm in the tin, but as I peeled it away it started to soften over my fingers. As it moved I could see the colour changing, from gold to green to bronze. It looked like a totally different product depending on the lighting conditions. It feels soft and mouldable like play-doh, but can be stretched in all directions in an almost gloopy way. Despite this, it never actually makes any mess and can very easily just be formed back in to a dough like ball. I was mesmerised from the moment I took it out of the tin, and knew Neil would be too.

He was a little bit reluctant at first, as he doesn’t like slime and hates the idea of getting his hands messy but once he had a little feel he loved it, and spent ages just pulling and stretching it. He was pretty impressed with the colour too.

The smaller of the tins contained a colour changing putty. Starting out as a vibrant purple colour, the putty reacts to the warmth of your touch and turns a hot pink.

The Hypercolour putty felt a lot firmer than the Super Illusions one, while still retaining the stretchy consistency. The colour changing is a great effect, as you mould it and manipulate it you see it slowly changing from purple to pink. It was an instant hit with Caitlin, but Neil preferred the feel and look of the Oil Slick putty.

Since it arrived I often find myself sitting playing with it at night when I’m thinking about blogging stuff so this would be great to put on your desk at work. Ok, so you may look a bit random but it has a real calming effect. It has done the trick for Neil and it is something he can play with to keep his hands busy while he is watching TV.

If you would like to try Thinking Putty for yourself it is available from Like Clockwork and prices start at £2.99 for a small tin. We have since purchased another couple of tins and have not been disappointed.

We were sent two tins of Thinking Outty for the purpose of my honest review, all opinions are completely my own.


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