Caitlin is a dancing queen!

When I was young I loved dancing. I tried numerous different dance classes, ballet, stage, tap, disco, I loved them all. I stopped before I hit my teens, but as i got older I used to joke that I wish my mam had been a bit more of a pushy dance parent, because I was gutted I had ever stopped!

I can remember making up dance routines to Bewitched and Spice Girls with another girl in my street, and dancing around my bedroom to Backstreet Boys and thinking I was great!

Back then, dancing wasn’t the big mainstream entertainment it is today. It was something you did on a Saturday morning at your local community center, or with your friends in your bedroom. Now, with shows like BGT, Got to Dance and Strictly, dancing has become massive!

I would love to send Caitlin to dancing lessons, and she has asked if she could go, but there isn’t much on round here and I don’t drive so can’t get her to the further away classes. That doesn’t stop her putting on her favourite My Little Pony songs and dancing her little heart out in front of the TV.

Butlins have teamed up with Britain’s Got Talent winners Diversity to find the best young dancers in the country for new their Miniversity competition, alongside the launch of their new dance themed mini breaks.

Butlins polled 500 children aged 4-11 and found that Gangnam Style was the ultimate dance move, closelty followed by Breakdancing. I’ve lost my touch in my old age, and dont think I could breakdance or do the gangnam style, although I have (like I’m sure many others…. I hope?) tried. And failed miserably, I must add. Even the Macarena made it in to the top ten which takes me back to my youth, standing in a big line with all of my friends at the school disco doing it…. those were the days!

Caitlin is obviously not a trained dancer, but she loves to give it a go so I thought it would be fun to give the top dance move a try.

Here she is giving it her best shot…

We had good fun having a dance around the living room and learning the moves. I’m sure the neighbours were loving us blasting Gangnam Style repeatedly on Sunday afternoon though!

If you think your children have what it takes to be the next Billy Elliot or Ashley Banjo? Head on over to the Butlins blog to see how to enter, and you could win a mini break at Butlins with an opportunity for your little star to preform on stage…

So turn up the cheesy music and get dancing!

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