Neil & Caitlin #1 – Siblings

I love watching my children together. Since starting blogging and documenting our lives I haven’t often captured the two of them together. They are very close in age, and have a very strong bond, but their relationship is not that of typical siblings.

Neil loves his sister, but he often prefers to do his own thing. I think Caitlin understands that quite well now… she just gets him.

Neil doesn’t usually agree to go out exploring with us, which is why a lot of my posts feature Caitlin on her own, but when they do go out exploring together they have great fun.

We went out for a little walk last week on a beautiful autumn afternoon, and I captured some lovely photos of them together.

They always seem to be in competition with each other at the moment.
Neil always likes to be ahead, sometimes Caitlin takes it gracefully and
allows her big brother to take the lead, but more often than not the
two of them are jostling to be first. Their voices rung loud over the quiet castle as they both shouted “I’m first…” “No, me!” Neil’s brute strength means with a
bit of push and pull he can usually get ahead of his little sister in the end.

They have their sweet moments. It’s cute to watch them sitting chatting to each other, and listening to some of their little conversations. We sat down for a rest and Neil put his arm around Caitlin while he was talking to her.
The sweetness doesn’t always last as long as I would like. Caitlin really knows how to wind Neil up, and she will do so at any opportunity.

had to include this photo of Neil squeezing Caitlin’s head. It’s one of
the things he does a lot at the moment, especially to Caitlin. There is
no malice in it, Neil doesn’t hurt her. He just puts his hands over her
ears, grits his teeth and says something random like ‘cheeeeeebs’ while lightly squeezing her head. Caitlin is happy to let him do it, most of the time. I think it makes him feel calm, and she seems to understand that, and it’s quite cute. They don’t really hug, so I think this is as close as she is getting to a cuddle with him.

On our way home we found a large tree with a small door shaped whole at
the bottom. The kids were convinced it was a door for a fairy, and
proceeded to call the fairy down from her bedroom on the top floor. They
spent a good five minutes inspecting the tree together, both coming up
with some truly zany stories.

We all enjoyed our walk and I captured so many lovely little photos of them, too many to include. I’m keen to try and get out together as a family a bit more  so the kids can spend some more time with each other. I fear since starting school they haven’t had enough of that quality time.

dear beautiful
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  • Reply Spidermummy November 12, 2014 at 8:01 pm

    How lovely, I think we're really lucky if our children get along like this. Gorg photo's too 🙂

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