My walk to work

It is walk to work week this week. From the 12th to the 16th May, you are encouraged to walk to work, for both health, and environmental reasons.

I am very lucky to live and work in the same village, so this whole walking to work business is not new to me, I do it every day!

I have recently installed a step counting app on to my pad, and so thought I would give that a go on my walk to work today.

Here I am at 9.25 this morning, ready for my journey. I decided to take a leisurely stroll this morning and try to take in more of my surroundings. Most mornings I am leaving the house 5 minutes after I am due to start work, and so I end up all flustered and in too much of a hurry to get there. This morning, I left on time so i could enjoy my walk.

My walk through the village is pretty relaxing. There are a few ways I can walk. I chose this particular route today because it allows me to avoid most of the houses in the village, and is generally a nicer walk. I even get a nice view of the sea in the distance at one point.

I arrived at work 7 minutes and 16 seconds after I set off from home, which meant I was only 2 minutes late for work! I’m sure my bosses were wondering if something was wrong.. I don’t think it would usually take as long to get there, but I was stopping to take photos along the way, and I was in no real hurry. I took a total of 593 steps, which works out at 81 steps per minute which according to the app meant I burned 28 calories on my walk.

It would be interesting to use an actual pedometer and see how many steps I do in a full working day. I have a feeling I would be way short on the recommended 10,000 steps a day thing. I would try it now but I don’t think my pad’s battery would last long enough, and it would not be practical for me to carry it round all day.

Anyway, I enjoyed my walk to work today, much more than I usually would. I might start leaving a bit earlier and walking the longer, more scenic route each morning to try and boost my walking.

Will you be walking in to work this week?

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