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I always used to think I was quite stylish. Now that I’m a mum, I often look in the mirror and wonder what went wrong. My clothes are usually mismatched and there are usually food stains on my top, which is no longer acceptable now that my children feed themselves. My hair is always messy, and not in the ‘I’ve just spent an hour making myself look like I haven’t made an effort’ kind of way, more in the ‘I can’t be bothered to make an effort’ way.

I’ve definitely let myself go a little bit since having children.

As far as clothes go, if we are out shopping I would rather buy things for my kids than for myself. When I do buy something I like, it always turns in to a huge dilema, because then I start wondering what I can wear it with, and then I get annoyed that my lovely new top doesn’t look right with any of my jeans.

I’ve started to make a bit more of an effort recently. I’ve realised that it is best to buy a few simple, staple wardrobe pieces that will look good with everything. A few nice pairs of skinny jeans, a nice belt, a few good tops.

Because I can’t really afford to be buying new outfits all of the time, as much as I would love to, I’ve realised it is easier, and cheaper to just buy nice accessories. Can you believe I’ve only just discovered fashion scarves? I’ve always just seen a scarf as something to keep your neck warm in the winter. I’d always seen other people wearing lovely colourful scarves but didn’t think I could pull it off.

It was only a few weeks ago that I decided to try one on in Newlook, and I was a convert straight away. You can pick up a nice scarf relatively cheap, and there are some fabulous colours and patterns available.

I recently got this neon bird printed scarf and I love it, the colours are so vibrant, and it’s perfect for this kind of year where you want to dress in summer colours, but it’s not always warm enough for proper summer clothes. I’ve had it on almost every day since I got it.

I fear I may have arrived a bit late to the scarf party, it is the middle of May after all, so I’m going to wear this to death until it’s to warm to do so any more!

Another thing I am loving at the moment are colourful, quirky bags. Something that can really brighten up an old or boring outfit.

The top one is my new owl bag, and I love it. Love love love! It is hard to see the colour properly in the photo but it is a gorgeous colral colour and looks so summery. I’ve had it on most days since I got it last week, and it looks great, and it’s just the right size to fit my pad and keys and purse in.
The bag on the bottom is an ‘orange segment’ clutch bag from Newlook. I don’t own it but I think it’s brilliant and would really brighten up a plain summer dress. It comes as a lemon slice too, and is only £9.99 which is a steal!

I think I will be focussing a lot on nice bags and accessories this summer, as they really do change the look of an old outfit.

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