Gadgets – Tablets and crazy kettles

I must admit, I do love gadgets, or any little devices that make life a little simpler. Todays BEDM prompt is Gadgets – Must haves, dream gadgets or things to make your life easier and it’s got me thinking a little bit about how lucky we are to live in a time where there’s a gadget for almost everything.

I think my number 1, cannot live without gadget is my Nexus 7 tablet, it’s never more than about 30cms away from me. I am certainly not one of those parents that ignores there kids all day while they play on their pad, but the thing does come in handy for everything. If we are looking to do something crafty, I can use my pad to get ideas on pintrest. When my children ask me obscure and random questions I use it to ask google, and hey, I don’t even have to type my question, I just speak in to the thing and it replies to me. How mad is that man?

It’s my personal planner, my calender, my notepad, my dictionary & encyclopedia, my source of evening entertainment, my means of communication, my camera, my music player… I love it!

I was joking that if only my tablet could make a cuppa we’d be winning. My hubby is an awful tea drinker, I mean he’s completely addicted. I don’t know how it’s possible for the human body to hold as much tea as he is drinking. “Will you stick the kettle on please”, “Make us a cuppa please” and sometimes he desont even speak, he just makes drinking signals with his hands, which infuriates me.

I feel like I’m always at the kettle. One thing that drives my hubby mad is that he’ll ask for a cuppa, and I’ll get up and stick the kettle on then sit down while it’s boiling, and then totally forget about making the cuppa. By the time I remember, it needs to be boiled again, so I’ll switch it on and sit down… You can see the pattern emerging here.

While looking for some interesting gadgets, I came across this little beauty, the answer to all of my problems…

Image taken from http://www.firebox.com

Have you ever fancied a cuppa, but thought Nah I can’t be arsed to stick the kettle on? Well this, ladies & gentlemen, is a kettle which can be switched on by your phone or tablet, then when it’s boiled you can ask it to stay warm until you go out to make the tea, anywhere up to 30 minutes! It sounds awesome, it even wakes you up with an alarm in the morning and asks if you want the kettle boiled ready for getting up. My mind is blown.

Now you may think I’m lazy for not just getting up and clicking the kettle down myself, but I just love the idea that I wouldn’t have to keep getting up and down every time I forgot I’d boiled the kettle, I can just press a button on my beloved tablet and go out to make the cuppa when it’s done. So this would be my dream gadget.

Unfortunately, I don’t have £100 to be spending willy nilly, on a kettle of all things. I’m not actually that lazy, but I do think it’s pretty jazzy anyway.

While we’re on the subject of firebox, they actually sell gloves that are bluetooth, and to talk to someone you just put your hand in to the shape of a phone, like you do when you are pretending to be on the phone with your thumb to your ear and your pinkie to your mouth. How daft would you look walking down the street talking in to your fingers?!

What are your must have gadgets? Would you like to control your kettle with your pad? Do you think there are other things that could be pad controlled, or is this a step too far?

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  • Reply mummygadgetgeek May 7, 2014 at 10:10 pm

    Oh my word, I can't believe that kettle actually exists. Well, I can…but it's a bit scary! Soon everything will be able to be controlled via a smartphone or tablet and everyone will just sit in their chairs all day. A bit like that film where exactly that happens…Wall E maybe?

    And I definitely need to check out those bluetooth gloves – bonkers!

  • Reply Lauren May 8, 2014 at 10:48 pm

    Haha you are absolutely spot on with that, it will be like Wall-E. I think we are getting a bit lazy with things.

    The gloves are the funniest thing I've seen, I would love them, I don't mind looking a bit nuts in the street, they are £50 though!

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