Eurovision 2014

Tonight’s prompt was supposed to be about World Fair Trade Day. It’s been something I’ve been thinking about all day, and I have decided for the first time during BEDM to not follow the prompt and just write my own thing.

I don’t think I have enough to say about fair trade, and any post I produced would not do the topic justice.

It’s very late in the evening, and I’m actually pushing it a bit to get a post done in time for BEDM. I can only blame this on the fact that it was the Eurovision song contest tonight, and I’ve had just a tiny bit too much wine.

I love Eurovision! I told my hubby it was on earlier this afternoon, and he groaned, but he’s just spent the last 3 and a bit hours watching it with me, so he can’t hate it that much. It is one of those traditions that you just can’t shake, as much as you say ‘oh god not the eurovision’, but you always end up watching.

Every year, you have these little thoughts that maybe, just maybe, this is the year that the UK might do well. And then every year, at about 11pm, you start to feel a bit foolish that the thought had ever crossed your mind, as if the United Kingdom would ever finish in the top half!

Tonight’s Eurovision was a little bit strange, a lot of joke references to China which I did not understand, and there was actually a real cringey moment where one of the voting countries told Austria that it was time to shave, which just felt bad.

I’m afraid to say I wasn’t feeling the winning song much! I spent my 15p on Denmark, and my Hubby had his bets on Malta, neither of which made much of a splash.

 I’m sorry, but how can you resist the scooby do be dop….?

So that is it for another year. Here’s to Eurovision 2015!

Did you watch Eurovision, or even go as far as holding a Eurovision party? Which country were you rooting for?

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