Dundrum Castle

It’s day 8 of BEDM , and today’s prompt is Local History Month – talk about your local area

We live along the south east coast of Northern Ireland, which is a beautiful place, rich in history. I have to admit, having not lived here very long I don’t really know much about the local area, so it has been fun learning some bits as I’ve been thinking of ideas for this post. One of my favourite places to visit in the local area is Dundrum Castle, which is situated in the small costal village of Dundrum.

Dundrum Castle was built in the early in 1177 by John De Courcy, a Norman Knight. It was built on the site of a previous Gaelic Fort.

 The castle sits high above Dundrum village, with fantastic views over the Mourne Mountains and Dundrum Bay.

It is a fantastic place to visit. If you are willing to climb to the top of the tower, the views are absolutely stunning. To get to the top you have to climd a very narrow spiral staircase, I’ve only done it once, I’m afraid of heights so found it terrifying, but it is definitely worth the climb. It’s in remarkably good condition for it’s age.

There are a few bilding there, most of them ruins but the kids love to run around and explore.

The castle is surrounded by a woodland trail which makes for a lovely walk too, and the kids love it because it feels like you are adventuring down a secret path.

We love visiting Dundrum castle. It’s amazing to look around, and take in the scenery, it’s one of our favourite picnic spots. I believe they are building a visitors site there soon which will be great, I’d love to learn some more about the place and it’s history.

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