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It has been 3 months since I started blogging and I’m enjoying every minute of it. It’s becoming a part of me, I feel like I have definitely found my ‘thing’, and really enjoy the planning and writing.

Some nights though, I open my laptop with my full intention to write a post, but nothing happens. I either sit and stare at my screen, maybe write and delete some sentences over and over before calling it a night and heading to bed. I often come up with ideas, do some planning, then feel like what I’ve done is silly and don’t go ahead with it. Then there are nights when I simply don’t have any ideas.

I came across the Blog Every Day in May challenge over at Rosalilium.com, and really fancied the challenge. The whole idea is to write and publish a new blog post every day throughout the month of May, the name says it all really! There are daily prompts, for a bit of inspiration too.

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I love the idea! I think I have been taking things a bit too seriously, putting a lot of pressure on myself to get something written, and ended up with total blogger block. Although this is going to be challenging as I’m used to getting a post done every 2/ 3 nights, this is a great opportunity to just let the writing flow, every night, which I’m hoping will force me to relax a bit about my writing.

So here goes…

#BEDM day 1What is your blog all about?

I started my blog to document my children’s lives, somewhere to post pictures, funny stories, and just general bits-and-pieces about our family life.
It’s still early days, and I’m still shaping my blog in to something I can be proud of.

My son has ASD, and I do post quite a bit about that. When we first found out about Autism & ASD, I read a lot of blogs from other parents in similar situations. Reading about other people who were going through, or had previously been through the same thing was comforting. I try to write as honestly as I can about our experiences, and if even one person takes comfort from it then I’m doing something right.

While I do write a lot about my son and his ASD, that’s not all my blog is about. The rest is just general family/ lifestyle stuff. Things we’ve made, days out, funny stories from our day to day life. While I write mainly to please myself, I understand that this is a blog, not a diary, and as there is a possibility that people might actually read what I have to say, I do try to make it enjoyable and entertaining. I did want to add a bit of humour to my posts, however I’ve since realised that I’m not actually all that funny!

The more I’m thinking about it now, the more I realise I still don’t really know what my blog is about. I’m just going with the flow. My blog is just a baby at the moment, and like all babies I hope it will grow and develop into something amazing, but until then I’m just enjoying finding my way.

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  • Reply Rachel Simons May 2, 2014 at 7:51 am

    I am still going through all of the #BEDM from yesterday but I have noticed one thing and that is a lot of them do not fit into a specific niche. Mine doesn't. Just go with the flow. I look forward to reading more from you throughout the challenge 🙂

  • Reply Lauren May 5, 2014 at 11:02 pm

    I think one of the best thing about #BEDM is how different all the bloggers are, and I'm getting to read so many blogs I may not have looked at before!

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