World Autism Awareness day / Oneise Wednesday

Today it is World Autism Awareness day, to mark the start of Autism Awareness Month which runs the whole of April.

The National Autistic Society are encouraging everyone to wear their onesies today for ‘Onesie Wednesday’, to raise some much needed funds, and most importantly awareness of Autism.

This morning, I asked Neil if he would like to put on his onesie for ‘Onesie Wednesday’, and this is the conversation that followed

Neil: “Um… no, I think I will just wear my dressing gown”
Me: “But it’s not dressing gown Wednesday, it’s onesie Wednesday”
Neil: “I’m just going to wear my dressing gown”
Me: Ok
Neil: “We can change it to ‘onesie or dressing gown Wednesday, unless you don’t have a onesie or a dressing gown then you can just wear your t-shirt”
Me: Ok…
Neil: “It’s wear whatever you want Wednesday”

So we have renamed it ‘Wear Whatever You Want Wednesday’

Whatever it’s called, it’s a great cause! There definitely needs to be more awareness of Autism and ASD.

If you want to take part, tweet your pictures of yourself or your family in your onesies with #OnesieWednesday or if you wish to donate £3 please txt ‘ONES14 £3’ to 70070

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  • Reply Steph Curtis April 14, 2014 at 10:09 pm

    I love that, 'wear whatever you want Wednesday'. Very catchy 😉 well done him for putting his dressing gown on – and you for catching a photo of it! x

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