Soundtrack to my week – Mother’s day special

When I was a child, I can’t remember the house ever being quiet, my mam always had music on. Hell, she even had music on when we were out, “for the dogs to listen to”.

Some of her listening choices were a little questionable, The Celine Dion Christmas album that she played to death most Christmases is definitely not one of her finer musical moments, but I have to admit I owe my eclectic taste in music to her.

Where most parents were shouting at their kids to ‘turn that god awful rock music down’, my mam was stealing my cd’s out of my bedroom so she could listen to them and sing rather loudly while doing the dishes.

I can remember being so embarrassed when I was a teenager and fancied myself as a bit of a rock chick, she would listen to HIM and Disturbed, and I would often tell her she was too old to be listening to the same music as me.

I don’t see my mam much now, once a year usually. She still lives in my home town of South Shields, and I haven’t been back since we moved to N.Ireland 4 years ago, and she only gets the chance to visit at Christmas. There is one song that I can listen to that transports me back to my childhood home, and that song is:

John Farnham – The Voice
This is one of my Mam’s favourites, and every time I hear it makes me think of my little mam. And what is not to love about this song? It’s a powerful song with a great message. It’s a little bit cheesy, and it’s so 80’s it hurts, but that’s one of the reasons it’s so good. It’s the only song I’ve ever heard that manages to pull off a bagpipe solo. I can remember phoning my mam and playing this down the phone a little while after I moved out when I was a student, and it’s my go to song when I’m missing her a bit.

Happy mothers day Mam!

I have had a lovely day relaxing with the children, and received some fantastic home-made Minecraft & My Little Pony cards.
Hope all you mummy’s out there have had a wonderful day!

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