My, how I’ve changed!

I wasn’t going to post tonight but I just can’t keep myself away.

I think I may go as far as saying I’m a little bit addicted. If I’m not writing, I’m reading, or tweeting, or thinking, I’ve got blog brain!
My husband is sick of hearing me talking about ‘ooh my new blog this’ and ‘oh I could talk about that’ and blah blah blah.

 I’m very excited today as I got my own domain name! Now, I know that’s nothing special, anyone with a few quid can get their own domain name, but I’m still very excited.

 I started this blogger account in 2006, with a blog called ‘omgzzzlauren’, and had totally forgotten about it. In 2006 I was the tender age of 18/19, just a wee baby. This was the year I moved out of my Mam’s house in to the big wide world. It’s fair to say from reading the old blog posts that I really thought I knew it all!

That’s me, on my 19th birthday. If I remember rightly, I did a lot of drinking that night (and every night for that matter!) I, like most other 19 year olds, enjoyed a bit of a drink and a party, and I wasn’t going to let no fella tie me down!
If you had told me then that in 2 years I would be celebrating my 21st birthday settled in to a relationship with my future hubby and be 4 months pregnant, I would have laughed in your face!

I continued to party hard for another year and a half until I met my wonderful husband in 2008, and instantly I wanted to settle down with him, it just felt natural! And the story continues and brings us here, 6 years on. I’m in a different country, married with two beautiful children and I’ve never been happier. It’s amazing how so much can change in such a little time!.

So anyway, I read through some of my old posts from 2006 and couldn’t help but cringe. Safe to say my embarrassment got the better of me and the posts were swiftly deleted.

I was unsure when I started blogging again which direction I wanted to go. I’m hoping some people out there will enjoy reading what I have to say, and love the idea of documenting our life so that we have something to look back on and show the kids.

And who knows, maybe in 8 years (when I’m 34!) I can look back at this post and cringe about it too!

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  • Reply North East Family fun February 23, 2014 at 7:20 am

    Ah great post – I had another blog before my current blog and some of the things in that make me cromge too! Guess it's one big learning curve x

    • Reply Lauren February 23, 2014 at 11:57 am

      It is a big learning curve, part of me wishes I hadn't deleted it so I could look back and have a good laugh at myself when I'm old and grey x

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