Hair Loss – Is It a Big Deal?

Anyone who knows me will know that my hair is a big deal to me. Since secondary school, I’ve used my hair as a way to experiment with my image. I pushed the boundaries as a teenager, trying many different styles and colours. Looking back, I still don’t know how I managed to dodge suspension when I turned up to school with blue tips. We had a strict ‘normal hair only’ kinda policy, but somehow I got past that. My hair really is my pride and joy when it comes to my image. Losing it is a reoccurring nightmare of […]

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Family Life

What’s in my Fridge? Blogtober16

I’m back for another day of Blogtober. I’ve missed so many days now that I’m not sure you can really say I’m taking part. But, I like the prompts so II’m just joining when I can. Today the question is ‘what is in my fridge?’ I used to love watching MTV’s Cribs, and getting to have a neb inside the fridges of the stars. Well I’m afraid dear reader, you’ve caught me at a bad time. We do our shopping online, and get it delivered on a Friday morning. Today is Thursday, so the fridge isn’t stocked up with champagne […]

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My Favourite TV – #Blogtober Day 8

Well in true Lauren fashion, I’ve missed two days of Blogtober without even realising. I sat watching TV last night, and something in my head was saying “you’ve got something to do”. But, I couldn’t remember what that something was. So, I guess I won’t be blogging every day this October. Anyway, there’s no point dwelling on the past. On to the present, and todays prompt: Favourite TV Programmes. I go through phases where I watch all of the tv, and then I watch nothing. Right now I’m in the first phase. I haven’t managed to finish a book in weeks because […]

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My Childhood Ambitions – #Blogtober16 Day 5

When I’m not blogging, I work in retail, and have done almost exclusively since I left school. Of course I would be lying if I said that retail work was my life dream. I enjoy my job, but it wasn’t what I dreamed about when I was ten. No, when I was ten I had ambitions. I think all children do, don’t they? My daughter talks about how she’s going to be a teacher and a vet when she grows up. My son, he’s going to build his own school and be the head master of it. Ten year old me? I […]

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bamboo spark
Reviews, Technology

Wacom Bamboo Spark – Technology for Paper Lovers

Anyone who knows me will know that I can be quite unorganised. It’s a trait of mine that I’m not proud of because it makes life harder than it needs to be sometimes. I’m always running late, doing everything at last minute, forgetting appointments. I have to have everything written down, otherwise I haven’t got a clue what’s going on. Particularly now that I’m a parent, and I have to remember PE kits, school projects, the family shopping list. Now, I’m a technology lover, and I would be lost without my phone. But, I’m still lover of paper. I find myself […]

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