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Macmillan Game Changers

Almost one year ago, I shaved off my hair to raise money for charity. This year, it’s my husbands turn. But no, he’s not shaving his head, because he doesn’t really have much hair to shave! No, he’s doing something else entirely. This Thursday, to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support, he will be doing a 24 hour charity live stream. We are a family of gamers. My children love gaming on their iPads, and we all love playing Xbox and nintendo games. But my husband is big in to gaming, and has been since long before I met him. When we […]

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Family Life

My Sunday Photo 24/07/16 – Pokemon Cards

This week has been dominated by one thing, and one thing only. Pokemon. I’m sure the same applies to many of you reading this too. Because, unless you’ve been living under a rock recently, you will know that Pokemon Go has pretty much taken over the world. We’ve been playing lots of Pokemon Go, and we’re loving it. I was going to share some photos of our adventures for this weeks My Sunday Photo, but I decided I’d dedicate a post to that later in the week. So instead I thought I’d share a photo of our Saturday which ties […]

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Learning at Home with Education Quizzes

We’re in to week three of the summer holidays here in Northern Ireland, and now children across the UK are preparing for their last day. It’s definitely time for a well earned break after months of school work. I remember my summer holidays as a child, how excited I was about the prospect of six weeks without any school work. As a parent though, I understand the importance of keeping your child’s brain active and continuing with the work over the summer, in some form. Of course, I want my children to have fun, and enjoy being children for the […]

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jones bootmaker
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Summer Sandals from Jones Bootmaker

Summer is officially here. The sun is shining and the heat is rising. For the first time this year I’ve been thinking about baring my pasty whites in a summer dress. I’ve got my pedicure done and I’m ready to get my toes out. And hey, what better way to celebrate this occasion than with a new pair of sandals? Yes, I’m saying hello to my toes for the first time this season. When I say I’ve got a pedicure done, I really mean I’ve waddled around the house with those weird foam toe separators as I wait for my […]

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