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Word of the Week – Proud

It’s been four weeks since Neil moved in to the autism unit at his school. The decision to move him from the mainstream school in to the unit happened at the end of last term. Neil had the whole summer to prepare for the change. I’m not sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing to be honest. The poor wee man spent nine weeks worrying about the change, which wasn’t nice for any of us. We tried to make the transition as easy as possible for him. He’d spent time in his new class, met the […]

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Family Life

Life Lately – September 16

I haven’t been around here much recently, have I? Despite my post at the end of August about ending my impromptu break, I’ve still been quite quiet. You know how it is, good intentions only take you part of the way. But when life gets in the way, there’s no stopping it! Anyway, I thought a little update would be nice because I haven’t done one in a while. It’s almost October, but I don’t want to let September pass without a mention. So, here’s what we’ve been up to this month. Obviously September brings with it a new school […]

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Knitting – A New Hobby For Autumn

Post in collaboration with Deramores The evenings are getting darker and there’s a chill in the air. It’s definitely starting to feel autumnal now. I think this time of year is awesome. It’s still relatively warm during the day, but as the evenings draw in it gets a bit cooler. It’s the best of both worlds, nice days out and cosy nights in. I’m loving being able to close the curtains that wee bit earlier, shutting myself in for the night. This time of year is perfect for taking up a new hobby. With the light fading earlier and earlier, […]

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Family Life

But What Did We Do Before The Internet?

In an increasingly online world, more and more people are turning to the internet for advice. It’s a natural part of the way things are progressing. When I was younger and wanted to know something I would head to the reference library. Now I consult google¬†because it’s like a million times quicker. And google knows everything of course. But really, with the internet you have a vast amount of knowledge at your fingertips, and it’s great. And with the internet, I also have easy access to something I wouldn’t find in the reference library. Personal opinions and experiences. I’m a […]

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Kids Fashion

Kids Style – House of Fraser Boys Coat

This week children across the country will be going back to school after the summer holidays. Some kids, like mine, have already been back for a few days. Uniforms are bought, pencils are freshly sharpened, lunch boxes are packed and ready to go. Some children are raring to go while others are dragging their bags behind them. We’ve had the uniforms bought for a while, because I hate that back to school rush when you’re searching for skirts in the right size. The only thing we hadn’t bought were school coats, which I usually leave until later in to September […]

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