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Play By The Book Review

I am very pleased that both of my children seem to have developed my love for books and reading, which only seems to be growing as they get older. Now that Neil is in P3 at primary school, he is being encouraged to read on his own a lot more. He is fantastic at reading words, and always has been. Words I often think he couldn’t possibly have come across before, he knows them. Reading is not just about reading words on a page though, it’s about understanding what the words are trying to tell you. When it comes to […]

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second year blog anniversary

My Second Blog Birthday

The 31st of January was a day of celebration in our house. Not only was it my son’s seventh birthday, but my blog birthday too. Blogger Mummy Lauren is now officially two years old! Of course, my son’s birthday was the priority, and so in all of the preparation and celebration, my little blog milestone went by without much thought. I do remember wondering to myself, ‘why did I have to go and start a blog on one of my children’s birthdays’, it is a bit of an awkward time! In reality I know the reason why. I always feel […]

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Pancake Day Made Easy With Galberts Pancakes

Pancake day is one of my favourite days of the year. I┬álove pancakes, and if it were up to me there would be an official pancake day once a month, at least. I suppose it’s kind of unfortunate then, that I am terrible at making pancakes. I usually end up with undercooked on one side/ burnt on the other pancakes. And then there is the flipping, either it gets stuck on the spatula and folds over on itself resulting in a big mess, or I try to be bold and flip it in the air which also ends in a […]

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