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Ten Things We Loved In April 2016

Anyone else think this year is just flying by? It’s funny, because it doesn’t seem like that long ago we were celebrating Christmas, but at the same time I’ve been thinking how long ago it feels like we were on Easter break. Yes, I know, that doesn’t really make much sense! I thought I’d do a little round-up of the things we’ve been loving this month. Honestly, this year has passed by in a blur so far and I want to remember things! A monthly round up will allow me to look back and think ‘Aha! That’s what we did […]

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Getting Fit Again
Health & Fitness

Getting Fit Again

It’s almost summer, the weather is getting warmer and we’ve had our first BBQ of the year. Ok, so it might be freezing today, but I’m calling that a blip. I’ve been going through my wardrobe looking for my summer clothes that were packed away last September, but I realised there might be a bit of a problem. My colourful playsuits, shorts and dresses from last summer are all a size 10, and I most certainly am not. After trying some things on, I soon realised this really was a problem, as I can’t fit in to any of it. […]

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Pizza, Red Lippy & More Pizza #LittleLoves

This week I’ve had a few days off work. I had planned on getting lots done but it just hasn’t happened. I’ve been pretty lazy actually, oops. Oh well, I’m off all weekend too so maybe I’ll get stuff done then, we’ll see. I thought I would join in to Little Loves again for the first time in over a year, so hello! On to my highlights of the week.. Read I haven’t had a chance to read much this week. Well, I say haven’t had a chance, I’ve had plenty of chances to read while I’ve been lazing about, […]

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Kids Love To Read #6 Plus Giveaway

Kids Love To Read # 6 Welcome to Kids Love to Read, a children’s reading linky with Laura from Laura’s Lovely BlogĀ Angela from Days in Bed. Unfortunately Angela is currently recovering from her Gastric band operation, so she is unable to join us. I’m very excited to be taking her place as guest co-host this month. It’s my first time as a co-host, so please be nice to me! Thank you to everyone who linked up last time, we can’t wait to see what you have lined up for us this month. I am linking up with The Book With […]

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